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  1. jason

    Spartan greed

    Who did they beat in the finals?
  2. jason

    Spartan greed

    It was brought to my attention that its disrespectful to use a kids name on here...if i offeneded the kid or his family i apologize.
  3. jason

    Spartan greed

    So if coffman doesnt make.a.scratch 160 by january 1st will he have to weigh 160 at sectional ect...without an allowance?
  4. jason

    Spartan greed

    Who is at 160 that is ranked?
  5. jason

    Spartan greed

    Come on connersville..pay track.to stream your tourney.
  6. For your information...i am an official from indiana...in the book we are to conduct ourselves professionally and be on point. Case closed.
  7. jason

    Al Smith Predictions?!

    My mistake.
  8. jason

    Al Smith Predictions?!

    They have ruble at 152 in that tourney on track lineup
  9. jason

    Get off my lawn

    I am waiting for them to class individual state wrestling.
  10. White kid from muncie central had his haircut matside at ecic in jay county Saturday. Thats on the officials...they need to do a.better check at weighins.
  11. jason

    The illustrious Spartan classic..

    What dates does the classic fall on?
  12. jason


    Potential 2nd round matchup between duncan and hemmelgarn at 160.
  13. jason


    Hey guys...i just got word our 170 pound wrestler from Winchester lost his mom to cancer. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he goes through this difficult time.
  14. jason


    How did that happen?
  15. jason


    Scally from moeller at 160

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