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  1. By Sounds great...so just show up with usa card in hand?
  2. How long does the RTC go on for?
  3. I saw the gimson brothers for the first time at ft wayne. They make it look easy. Really impressive.
  4. They almost met at regionals last year...jacob duncan vs jacob duncan
  5. Jacob Duncan at 160 is 30-7....not 28-13..ft Wayne
  6. If Schools are closed Wednesday and Thursday. Would there be a weight allowance for Saturday regionals?
  7. When is the last day for teams to replace wrestlers in a bracket who gets injured in practice...sick..ect
  8. When is the deadline for replacing a wrestler with another wrestler due to injury..sickness...ect?
  9. Very confident young man...his dad john is the real deal...very impressed with them both.
  10. I know nothing about this...just speculating...with a little bit of wishful thinking.
  11. Im going to go out on a limb and say the local newspapers will receive the seeds ect...so they can do their writups on wrestlers...ect
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