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    Cory Graham

    Cory Graham
  3. Purdue Polytechnic is looking for a used mat to purchase for this season. Please contact me if you can help. Cory Graham 3179082248 jamesjo328@gmail.com
  4. Purdue Polytechnic is looking to fill a JV schedule. Please contact me with openings. Cory Graham jamesjo328@gmail.com 317-908-2248
  5. PPHS in Indianapolis is looking to get into a dual tournament or individual tournament during the month of January. Please contact me with any openings. Cory Graham 3179082248 jamesjo328@gmail.com
  6. Purdue Polytechnic HS is a 2nd year program in Central Indy that will be IHSAA sanctioned for the upcoming season. We have a full lineup and are looking to fill a tough schedule. We are looking for a dual or tournament the first week of December as well as a dual or tournament in January. Please contact me if interested! Cory Graham 317-908-2248 jamesjo328@gmail.com
  7. This just goes to prove the fact that rankings don't mean anything. Those who get caught up in all the rankings need to raise their expectations. If you focus on training for the top 5%, it's an expectation to beat anyone and everyone in Indiana. Stock winning a state title was a surprise to everyone but the people who trained him. Nobody in the state deserved it more! #getdownorlaydown
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