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    backtothemat got a reaction from ontherise219 in State Rankings #1   
    I hope you’re right Mike!  Coach Harmon’s coaching must play a big part for that to happen. Go Knights!
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    backtothemat reacted to bluemonster in Semi State Rankings   
    Ditto for NC
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    backtothemat reacted to ontherise219 in Semi State Rankings   
    I have been updating EC on the spreadsheet but I wanted to wait until after the harvest, Plymouth super dual and Westfield this weekend 
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    backtothemat reacted to TeamGarcia in Cathedral Super Six   
    Heard LaSalle dropped out .
    Sad Face emoji here 
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    backtothemat reacted to davecloud in Wrestling Little League outline   
    Triple B--
    I don't know you so I can't impugn your character like you did mine. I used a real word, with a real and definite meaning. I do not engage in our current looking-to-be-offended-cancel-culture.
    Our LIfe Skills students at PH are part of our program as managers. I would never use a word designed to demean a person with a disability. The word is a VERB. The horrible term you refer to is a slang term that I never use and have admonished my wrestlers and football players for using. If you wish to speak to me directly as opposed to attacking me in a public forum, my phone is 765-610-8150.
    Dave Cloud
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    backtothemat reacted to UncleJimmy in Wrestling Little League outline   
    Fixed it for you!
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    backtothemat reacted to Y2CJ41 in Article: #WrestlingWednesday: Chundi excels on the mat and in the classroom   
    Carmel senior Suhas Chundi isn’t one to brag about his accomplishments – and there is plenty to brag about. His GPA is astronomical. His SAT score was close to perfection. He doesn’t want either of those actual numbers published because it’s just not something he thinks needs attention.
    Chundi isn’t just gifted in the classroom though – he’s also a superb wrestler with state championship aspirations.
    Last season Chundi placed fourth at 106 pounds. He enters the 2019-2020 campaign as the No. 2 ranked 113 pounder in the state – but has already made weight at 106.
    Chundi’s success in academics, and in wrestling comes from his work ethic.
    “Academics and wrestling are a lot alike,” Chundi said. “I was born with a little bit of natural intelligence, but I’m not any Rain Man genius or anything. I had to put in the dedication, figure out what to do and follow the plan. It helped me be successful.
    “Wrestling is the same way. I don’t have a lot of natural talent, but I listen to my coaches, try to learn what they are telling me and follow their plan.”
    On the academic side Chundi spent the summer preparing for the Biology Olympiad. Out of over 2,000 applicants, the top 20 are chosen to go to the Biology camp. In that camp there are days of learning, doing labs and taking tests. At the end there is over nine hours of testing and the top four students get selected to represent the United States in the Biology Olympiad. Chundi was one of those top four and went on to place 25th in the world at the event in Hungary.
    “I think saying he’s insanely smart is an understatement,” Carmel wrestling coach Ed Pendoski said. “I’ve coached guys that have went to Northwestern, Cornell and the Navy Academy. But Chundi is on a different level. He’s applied to Harvard, Cornell, Stanford and a school that’s part of Northwestern that you have to apply to just to see if you can get the admissions application.
    “I asked the head of our science department if the Biology Olympiad was a big deal. He said it is ‘out of your mind big,’ and said that it will set his plate forever.”
    Pendoski had one bit of advice for Chundi as he left for the Biology competition.
    “I told him if the guy from Poland finishes higher than him, don’t bother coming home,” the coach said jokingly.
    Last season Chundi had 15 losses but come tournament time he was clicking on all cylinders. He won sectional and regional, got runner-up in the New Castle semistate and eventually placed fourth in state at 106 pounds.
    “I want to be a state champion this year,” Chundi said. “But I also want to share the podium with most of my teammates. I want Carmel to become a wrestling school this year.”
    Chundi is one of the team leaders for the Greyhounds – which is unusual for a guy competing in the smallest weight class.
    Chundi is 5-2, 106 pounds but Pendoski said the team listens to him.
    “He’s a lot of fun to be around,” Pendoski said. “He has a huge personality inside of the wrestling room. He really does a good job of leading by example.”
    This season Chundi will be one of the rare seniors at 106, which Pendoski hopes will help him have a strength and maturity advantage over the field.
    “He’s a late bloomer,” Pendoski said. “He’s really trying to elevate his game this year.”
    Chundi’s parents moved to the United States from India two years before he was born. He visits India frequently and really enjoys the trips.
    “Things are more rugged in India,” Chundi said. “It’s fun getting a taste of that culture and being able to visit family.”
    The Carmel senior has proven he can succeed on the mat, or in the classroom. He’s also an outstanding teammate, according to Pendoski.
    “I really can’t think of a better example of an ultimate teammate,” Pendoski said. “From helping give a guy a ride, to community service, to cutting weight – he does it all. When his career ends in February, Suhas Chundi will be on to bigger and better things and will excel at whatever he does.”

    View full article
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    backtothemat got a reaction from Sig40 in Crown Point Vs Portage.. Insight and predictions   
    Me thinks CP and EMD would be a dogfight!  Both solid in lower weights and weaker in upper weights,
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    backtothemat reacted to jimmybaitshop u in Team Rankings: 1A Dual Preseason   
    Keep an eye on Scecina this year. We were 23-3 last year and got lots of guys back. 
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    backtothemat reacted to regionrat1 in Interesting Result   
    One of da region wraslin alumni nocked of a big time Iowa wrestler. Rump from  Portage beat Gavin Teasdale at tournament yesterday 6-3. Nice win for a Rat !
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    backtothemat reacted to Y2CJ41 in Article: Triples with TripleB   
    Our newest weekly article is a quick hit look at the week ahead and a recap of the previous week. TripleB will give you three things you need to know, three events to watch for this week, and three questions with someone in wrestling. 
    3 Things You Need to Know
    1. New Coaches look to make an impact
    40 programs have new coaches at the helm this season, including 5 ranked teams. will it be business as usual or will there be a disruption in the force??
    #7 1A Eastern(Greentown)- Zach Pence
    #2 1A Southridge- Kurt Collins
    #18 Franklin- Jim Tonte
    #17 Portage- Andrew Bradbury
    #5 Warren Central- Matt Krulik
    2. Post Season Dynasties
    There’s dominant, then there’s #PainTrain dominant. Brownsburg is a phenomenal 16-0 at IHSWCA Dual Team State Championships and have won the last 4 in a row. Can the Bulldogs add a ring to their thumbs this year??
    Brownsburg Coach Darrick Snyder, “At Brownsburg we take a lot of pride in our performance at dual state. We want to be the best team in the state. We put a huge emphasis on dual state because we know that shows the best team”
    Cathedral needed 4 leaf clovers and all the luck of the Irish last year as Jordan Slvika and Elliott Rodgers turned in monumental efforts to lock up individual state championships and help Cathedral rally for a 3rd consecutive big old Indiana plaque at Bankers Life. Will the luck of the Irish be on their side for a fourth consecutive title?
    Indianapolis Cathedral Coach Sean McGinley, “Look for the Irish to struggle a bit out of the gate.  However, if we do our jobs and keep getting better each week, by tournament time we feel we will be one of the few teams that people are talking about with a chance to bring home a team state championship.”
    3. How will the football runs impact early season matches?
    7 of the top 10 preseason ranked teams are still alive as Indianapolis Cathedral, Evansville Mater Dei, Warren Central, Roncalli, Carmel, Merriville, and Hobart all played in regional games on Friday night. Will these ranked hammers stumble out of the gate as teams patiently wait for football players to wrap up, get healed, and get in wrestling shape? Look for the holiday tournaments before some of these teams are fully loaded. Merrillville, Carmel, Mount Vernon(Fortville), Hobart, and Adams Central will all be playing this week at semi-state.
    3 Feature Matches
    1. Opening dual of the season! 
    The Battle for the Paddle; Madison at Southwestern
    Since the incarnation of the Battle, Madison has ran the tables winning all nine duals. What this match has lacked is over all dual excitement as forfeits on both sides have been an issue, but the scuttlebutt is that this year both teams will be bringing full line ups into the Dual and Southwestern is hoping to keep the paddles in Hanover!
    2. Crown Point vs Portage  
    Portage graduates 4 state qualifiers and new coach Andrew Bradbury jumps right into the frying pan in this Region kick off dual.  Returning state qualifiers Ty Haskins and Damari Dancy will look to keep this dual close but on paper Crown Point appears to be too strong. Lead by returning state champ Jesse Mendez, with 5 freshman and 2 sophomores in starting lineup, the Bulldogs will look to rack up bonus team points early and often!
    3. Capital City Classic 
    Through the years Triple C is one of the toughest opening weekend tournaments with teams like Beech Grove, Perry, Warren, Bloomington North, Mishawaka, and North Central winning the very first one. Perry Meridian looks to be the front-runner for the 38th annual Capital City Classic.This years line up includes - Beech Grove, Franklin Central, Greenwood, Indian Creek, Jeffersonville, Perry Meridian, Plainfield, Westfield
    3 Questions with Mike Reiser
    1. What is your background in wrestling? 
    I wrestled for Coach Jim Wadkins at Calumet High school.  I graduated in 2001 and was a part of some successful teams. We were three-time team sectional champs, two-time regional champs, and two-time Lake Athletic Conference champs. Individually I was a two-time sectional champ and two-time semi state qualifier.
    2. Why do rankings, it seem very stressful and thankless, what drives you to do rankings? 
    There are times that the rankings can be stressful, but I learned early on that you can’t make everyone happy. I love doing the rankings both semi state and state. I think it is the best job in the state it has given me a lot of opportunities to broadcast and do the gorilla radio. 
    3. What do you do when you are not neck deep in wrestling? 
    When I am not doing the rankings and going over results, I work my actual job which is a Project Manager for an Environmental Company. I also coach my 2 daughters in softball which is becoming a full time job also.

    View full article
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    backtothemat reacted to brickfor6 in Indiana with a great showing today   
    At the Black Knight invite Indiana had 5 finalist, 4 champs, 7 placers
    Drew Hildebrandt 125 took 1st
    Nick Lee 141 took 1st
    Cael Mccormick 165 took 1st
    Jacob Covaciu 174 took 2nd
    Mason Paris HWT took 1st
    Ben Harvey 174 took 4th
    Brad Laughlin 174 took 5th
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    backtothemat reacted to D Summar in Indiana with a great showing today   
    Kris Rumph takes second at the Luther open, beating Gavin Teasdale of Iowa in the semis.
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    backtothemat reacted to MikeTython in Team Rankings: 2A Dual Preseason   
    I antithipate a great seathon, but I'm curiouth how you think the Team State will go wif 2a?  
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    backtothemat reacted to Cosgrove in Is Indiana's wrestling talent decreasing?   
    Nope talent has not dropped. 
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    backtothemat reacted to Y2CJ41 in McKinley Kemper of Evansville Central commits to   
    Congratulations to McKinley Kemper from Evansville Central for signing with Lindenwood. He is projected to wrestle 184, 197.

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    backtothemat reacted to Coach T in Rage on the Stage South Style   
    riday November 22nd, Franklin Community will wrestle Jeffersonville on the stage in the auditorium.  It will be a fun time loaded with light shows, fog, walkout songs and a camera above the mat the will show three huge screens as well as the live event.  Screen one will be behind the mat on the stage taking up the entire backdrop while screens 2 and 3 will be on the side walls of the auditorium.  Watch in surround view.  And, its alumni night so all former Franklin Wrestlers are invited for special recognition.  Following the meet there will be a reception for the alumni at The Willard, in downtown Franklin.  Come see an exiting event.  Festivities and wrestling start at 5:15 pm
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    backtothemat reacted to Antknee in How Many Wrestlers?   
    I began coaching at Mishawaka a year after I had graduated from there, and spent 2 years learning from a HOF coach. Moved on from there and spent 6 years at Jimtown, coaching the likes of Kenny Kerrn, Hunter Watts, etc. I had the privilege of learning under another HOF coach.
    Three years ago, myself and friends/coaches that I trust, took over a program that was in desperate need of a revival.  Our first year at Bremen we had 5 kids at the High School level, 13 at the middle school, and 19 came out for the first time for our youth program. Last year we had 11 at the high school, 30 in middle school, and 35 in our club. Going into this year, we have 20 at the high school level, expecting 30+ in the middle school, and we just ended our introductory youth camp with over 40 kids. Our Club is expected to have at least 30+, starting next week, and we are competing in elementary duals in a few weeks. For the first time in about 5 years, Bremen should have a full high school lineup. None of this would be possible if I didn’t have coaches around myself that helped out as much as they do, parents believing in the process, and our philosophy. Good things are in motion and it is exciting to see what we are accomplishing in terms of rebuilding a program. Everything else will fall into place as we move forward!
    Call us butter, because we are on a roll!
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    backtothemat reacted to littell in Brayden Littell injury   
    Even though I am on here daily I never log in  And leave remarks the last time I did  Was to tell everybody that Brayden would not be finishing his freshman year due to moving back to center Grove  And unfortunately that is why I am on here today in preparing for super 32  Brayden  Tore the ACL in his left knee And requires surgery which means this is the  Official end of his high school career Recovery time takes us into the summer There is no doubt in my mind that if all the obstacles were not thrown in his way he could have done so much more in high school His one and only full season resulted in an undefeated state champ We have spoken  To Ohio and they are still honoring his scholarship so there is no doubt that you will hear his name again in the wrestling community This is a hard pill to swallow we will lick our wounds and battle forward  And please grammar police keep your comments to yourself Preciate everybody who has supported him Look for him to take over the mac conference in the next couple years
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    backtothemat reacted to Y2CJ41 in Brendan Mattingly of Carmel commits to   
    Congratulations to Brendan Mattingly from Carmel for signing with US Coast Guard Academy. He is projected to wrestle 141.

    View full signing
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    backtothemat reacted to wrestlenewbie in Matt Lee to Penn State?   
    Any chance he flunks Homeschool and needs to repeat?
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    backtothemat reacted to FCFIGHTER170 in Top 3 Kids at Each Weight   
    He might not have placed top 3 but to think silas won state at 195 not giving up a offensive point all season as a cadet is crazy.. he was younger as a sophomore placing 5th at 182 than most 9th graders..he will graduate hardly 17.
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    backtothemat reacted to Sig40 in Jesse Mendez Wrestling at Flo’s Who’s #1 event.   
    Just want to thank all the Indiana wrestling fans that came to Carver Hawkeye Arena to cheer on Jesse(70+).  Jesse definitely had the loudest crowd besides the 2 Iowa commits.  Also thank you to the Joe, Mike, and Caleb for coming out(even got to see Caleb's sick dance moves).  This was an amazing weekend for Jesse and our family.  Jesse was really happy with the support he received from everyone and is already talking about coming back next year.  
    Side note: Indiana has had 5 WNO competitors compared to Iowa's 1.  Indiana is killing it on the national scene and there is another strong group of young men in middle school that is going to keep that tradition alive.  Indiana is and will continue to be respected.
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    backtothemat reacted to Mattyb in What do we do about it?   
    We keep getting these post about the competition. I think we are missing the real reason, that kids are not sticking with the sport. See my post above (about what to do to make kids like wrestling practices better). Look at the responses…. You have two current kids and a recent grad who is trying to help build a program at Ben Davis. We not losing kids because the year round kids are beating them . We are losing kids because they do not enjoy workouts, and feel as they don't other don't share the same feelings and experiences as they do. They are not coming together as a brotherhood. 
    "Why get you teeth kicked in everyday at practice for no reason?!!!" That is what the kids that are walking away are saying. I'm just telling you. You want to keep kids??? Give them reason to show up and show out. 
    As far as going two and out every weekend to start. My son went his whole first year and most of his second year before he won a match. He cared some, but liked the other kids at club and wanted to be with them. We didn't really care about the losses. He stuck with it and ended up with a pretty great career. And..... he beat most of the kids that beat him when he started, along the way. His best buddy started a year after he did and won just about every tourney (right out the gate).  He went on and was a 4 time state qualifier. With that said, different kids will take different paths. Both kids had highs and lows. But... they were always there for each other. That's a huge reason neither gave up. 
    As far as being humiliated... why would you be humiliated from getting beat in a game or wrestling match. The fact that the kid went all out and will work to close the gap should be what we focus on (not trying to find someone easy to beat). Too much is being put on wins and loses. Not enough being focused on becoming a hard worker, good teammate, and baddass (win or lose). Yes.. badass. If a kid makes it through a wrestling season... They need to be told that they are a badass. 
    Its OK to lose matches. Make it fun and surround the program with like minded positive people. That's how we stop it. 
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