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  1. Then allow replays for bad calls by the refs. Just because a move is called illegal doesn't mean it actually was. I know kids that have losses matches from an "illegal move." This cost him when he was winning 10-0. After everything was done and the tournament was over the coach was still upset and showed him the video. The ref said he made the wrong call. Now this other kid wrestled the rest of the day fine... how do you make up for bad calls? Or questionable calls? I'm just saying that you shouldn't be Able to fake an injury and wrestle the rest of the day. That's cheap.
  2. I can agree with it, and I'm not like completely defacing it. I'm just proposing this a little bit.
  3. I've been wrestling around the same amount of time you have been coaching. I have seen wrestlers take an injury default and walk around fine five minutes later a few minutes later. I think if you could. By saying "hey you're injury defaulting you can't wrestle the rest of the day. Understand that." You're giving then mmm the option to choose. You're really allowing the wrestler to pick and choose what match they want to wrestle in with the ways the rules are now. "No I'm not good enough to wrestle and finish the match, but I can wrestle the next match." It softens the sports. A story I have is this, A year ago at Goshen Regionals first round one of the Gimson boys from Jimtown was winning his match by a wide margin. He got called for an illegal body slam, and this kid seemed hurt. I really respected what the East Noble coaches did... they knew their kid wouldn't be able to finish the match, but they started the time let it run one second and then stopped the time and then lost the match. The coaches knew that Gimson was going to place at state (he did). This coach got crap from the fans for sure, and the coaches I talked to throughout the day said they don't know that they would be able to do that. I know that this sort of argues for allowing injury defaults, but a majority of the coaches said they don't know if they could do that. Keeping that in the back of my mind, It's easy for coaches to say they'd do the right thing, but when it all comes down to it, a lot of then would have a hard time not taking their kid to semi-state, state, the finals etc. I think by giving the option to pick and choose which match they wrestle in gives them the idea that they get to go farther. Either way the rules are the rules, and I'm just for good hard wrestling. There can always be talk about ways to improve the sport. I'm here to learn.
  4. In my personal opinion if you're good enough to wrestle under the lights, you're good enough to finish that semi-finals match as a champ. Look at the adversary Joe Walker went through with his ankle. He got a bad draw no matter what because he'd have to wrestle a 1. Then he wrestled the whole tournament on a bad ankle and won it. I'm saying that in the spur of the moment regardless of what coaches or trainers say, if you are seriously injured you either tough it out and deal with the pain in a later match, or you forfeit and don't wrestle the rest of the day. I've seen kids lay down and act all hurt and then wrestle the rest of the day after getting that forfeit. I know coaches that will do anything to win or get a finalist too.
  5. I know some people may disagree with this idea, but I strongly believe that if someone injury defaults out of a match they shouldn't wrestle the rest of the day. What are your takes on this idea? My idea is that if they really are hurt that severely that they shouldn't not be able to compete, but if they are not hurt bad enough they can finish the match and win. It softens the sport by allowing a cheap injury default. If they changed the rules they could give a concussion protocol time which allows wrestlers to get a concussion protocol not wasting injury time or blood time. This way trainers don't just say "no you hit your head so you're done." Give me your opinions!
  6. For those of you who listen to The Whizzer Podcast thank you. We took the last one down because we didn't think things through, and we wouldn't want to put anyone down for something that we said. So our new second episode is now up. Hope you enjoy!! podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the… anchor.fm/jj-isaac google.com/podcasts?feed=… open.spotify.com/show/47QUV7Du6… breaker.audio/the-whizzer-po… pca.st/x0c7jwal radiopublic.com/the-whizzer-po…
  7. Hey don't tell them my secret! They gotta listen to the podcast to figure it out 😂
  8. Episode 2 is now available! If you don't have Anchor or Spotify, The Whizzer Is now on Apple podcasts and many of these platforms in the links below. Hope you enjoy! podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the… google.com/podcasts?feed=… open.spotify.com/show/47QUV7Du6… breaker.audio/the-whizzer-po… overcast.fm/itunes14958072… pca.st/x0c7jwal radiopublic.com/the-whizzer-po… This weeks episode is about cutting weight!
  9. Alright wrestling fans, here is a new podcast made by Isaac and JJ Weimer called "The Whizzer." You can love it, you can hate it, and feel free to give input back on the forum. It's not beautiful, but it was the first attempt. We hope you enjoy. https://anchor.fm/jj-isaac https://open.spotify.com/show/47QUV7Du6vdMN8KNMieEqN We will be posting one weekly, thanks!
  10. Thanks for supporting me. You could donate bananas and maybe we can make that happen
  11. For the girls, everything is the same except no weight classes. They are tougher, so they don't need a weight class to protect the heavier weights from the smaller weights.
  12. Haha I'm far from 60. I could still take you down though 😂
  13. Here is the new IHSAA State tournament idea. 380 man bracket. split up into 8 days of wrestling non-stop. No classes because with this tournament every school is entered in. If there is a weight class that Is full (there isn't). There may need to be a round robin with the two best kids with records. Then after all of this, there are random draws for seedings. Next, the finals match will be the coaches and their wrestlers doing a tag team like deal at Bankers Life. This is single elimination because "if ya ain't first you're last" May the best wrestler win, and everyone else go home. Also, the heavyweight and 106 lbs state champ have to wrestle. Good luck boys and girls
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