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  1. Alright wrestling fans, here is a new podcast made by Isaac and JJ Weimer called "The Whizzer." You can love it, you can hate it, and feel free to give input back on the forum. It's not beautiful, but it was the first attempt. We hope you enjoy. https://anchor.fm/jj-isaac https://open.spotify.com/show/47QUV7Du6vdMN8KNMieEqN We will be posting one weekly, thanks!
  2. Thanks for supporting me. You could donate bananas and maybe we can make that happen
  3. For the girls, everything is the same except no weight classes. They are tougher, so they don't need a weight class to protect the heavier weights from the smaller weights.
  4. Haha I'm far from 60. I could still take you down though 😂
  5. Here is the new IHSAA State tournament idea. 380 man bracket. split up into 8 days of wrestling non-stop. No classes because with this tournament every school is entered in. If there is a weight class that Is full (there isn't). There may need to be a round robin with the two best kids with records. Then after all of this, there are random draws for seedings. Next, the finals match will be the coaches and their wrestlers doing a tag team like deal at Bankers Life. This is single elimination because "if ya ain't first you're last" May the best wrestler win, and everyone else go home. Also, the heavyweight and 106 lbs state champ have to wrestle. Good luck boys and girls
  6. Nope this isn't it. We have Team State which gives the teams a chance to say that they placed a certain place in their own division. When it comes tournament time, there shouldn't be divisions because it's about being the best of the best. Jimtown won Semi-State with 3 wrestlers last year and they aren't as big as a ton of Fort Wayne Schools. So to say that class is going to make wrestling better, isn't a great argument because classes do not determine how great a team is or will be. Prairie Heights isn't a huge school, but it got a ton of numbers and tough kids through out the reign of Smoker and then Smith. The competition is determined by clubs and how much time people put in the off season. A lot of the good wrestling is coming from areas where clubs are strong, and the competition is great because the wrestlers are making each other better. If you look behind every good Program, they are in a club, or encourage their kids to get in a strong club in the area. Classes are dumb, and when tournament time hits, it is more about how far kids make it than the team winning the tournament.
  7. Austin Bethel is better than all of them. 😂
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