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  1. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    Hobart's Fattore loses controversial semifinal at state wrestling finals Feb 17, 2018 at 7:30 PMJim Peters jim.peters@nwi.com, 219-548-4363 INDIANAPOLIS — A questionable final-minute pin call abruptly ended Zack Fattore's undefeated season and a run at the 170-pound state championship in Saturday's semifinals at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. He sat on the mat stunned by the outcome, while an equally surprised Jordan Rader of Peru celebrated. Upon further review, it shouldn't have happened. Advertisement: Story Continues Below Fattore showed a video taken from the video of the match that his shoulders were not secured against the mat, so the pin call was wrong. "I wasn't pinned, 100 percent," Fattore said. "That doesn't mean I would have won for sure, but in the moment, I wasn't pinned. My coaches asked the other ref if he could see a different angle, but it was indisputable. I asked another ref and he said it was bogus. It sucked that my only loss was on a controversial call, but things happen. I fully accept the ref's call. I'm not going to be a crybaby about it." The irony for Fattore was he could've eased through the final minute and won a match he was leading 3-0. "I took a risk," he said. "I've been holding back on my technique. My whole goal the whole tournament was to wrestle my full potential. I told myself I wasn't going to lay on the mat." Fattore was scheduled to wrestle Munster's Cody Crary for third place but Crary defaulted after a leg injury sustained in his semifinal match. "I didn't get a chance to prove to myself that I could beat Crary by more," Fattore said. "It was a pride thing for me. I just get to focus on school more now.
  2. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    That’s just Zack. As we all fight for him... he just carries on as a great human being. Good luck Rader!!
  3. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    Good luck to the 170lbers the finals. From what I was told Crary isn’t wrestling in the 3rd place match. So Fattore outscored opponents 34-0 and got 3rd. No matter what you think of the call that has got to be a first. Unscored upon.... and didn’t win
  4. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    Watched the video. Wow
  5. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    Yes it was. Lots of refs today in matches wanting to be involved.
  6. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    At best it was a touch fall. At worst they robbed a kid from a title match.
  7. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    Man. I’ve never seen a defensive pin called that fast. Not saying it didn’t happen I couldn’t see his shoulders from the side I was on. But mat 3 refs are certainly making their presence felt in big matches today. Unusual calls.
  8. Unsportsman Like Conduct Call on Peele

    Hobart guy here too. Brock is an awesome kid. It was a big win for him. Maybe didn’t love it but it’s okay. Portage has a bunch of good kids. It’s all good.
  9. Moreno Lowell

    He had a great tournament. Both in the semis against Peele and then again against Triana he was getting controlled and both matches down 6-1 going into the 3rd. Went takedown crazy and cutting against peels to send it to it and the eventual takedown win. Then with a minute left hit a TD and back points on Triana to tie it and send it to OT then he again got the takedown for the win. He doesn’t panic.. just gets to work. To be honest he looked Big at 120.. didn’t look undersized at all. It’ll be interesting.
  10. Let the good times roll

    One more comment like this and New Castle is OUT of Da Region!
  11. cosgrove

    There are many ways to look at it...not sure it's fair to say Hobart dropped the ball though. Great guy, going to a great program with some awesome guys that are going to be mat side. We'll miss you Bren.. Best of luck at CP and at Elite Athletic Club.
  12. ISWA State Question

    He's not my son..just an awesome kid in our club..he didn't complain went about his business. I just was really puzzled..one of our other coaches handled it an he said they were not having it. Just seems like there would be a better way to make sure everyone is where they need to be when it is brought to there attention.
  13. ISWA State Question

    How about when the iswa doesn't fix their mistakes like entering a kid weighing 81 lbs as 87 so he has to bump up to 90..ridiculous..our boy even went back on the scale for them to see and they wouldn't change it. He got 4 th at the bumped up weight but got muscled his last couple rounds. It just makes no sense to me.
  14. Team State Debate

    Practice partners mean alot..you see often clusters of kids making it to state from a school within a weightclass of one another. Don't sleep on Johnny Pud though he's got a pretty mean cement mixer.
  15. Team State Debate

    I still do not understand why we can't talk about a classed team state without having to bring up classing the individual one. Why not fix the one that needs fixing the most. Y2 you are passionate and I respect that but I'm starting to really think that your ideas of growing the sport are for your own agenda. Why can there not be baby steps..why can we not work toward classing the team title which MOST people agree on...but not the individual which MOST people are in conflict about and I'd venture to say not in an overwhelming majority favor of. I should not say for your agenda..that is not giving you the respect you deserve, because I do believe you want this sport to grow..you obviously love this sport and where you think you can get to..and I think someday a classed individual tourney could be a welcome addition..but right now that doesn't seem to be the one the IHSAA is the least bit worried about and it is the one beloved and romaticized about by all wrestling fans..it's the one people are reluctant about messing with. I will stand by my belief as you do yours..but neither one has anything to do with fixing a team state that most agree needs the class. Would you not want Garrett to be able to compete for a wrestling title..as a team..14 wrestlers...against 14 wrestlers from another school relative in size...because your beliefs that the individual..INDIVIDUAL..should too be classed...I don't know what one has to do with the other..I don't get the all or nothing attitude. I'm not worried about cheapened titles, or whatever..I just think that individual is individual..team is team...teams need to be placed against schools their size because of the amount of athletes that are available to them..but if an individual on that team is the best in the state that is on him..We don't class freestyle, and folksyle state...they don't class nationals..or fargo..why would we do that for our wonderful state tournament that it seems that most people love. ( I realize I am not a coach, and certainly not from a small community or in touch with what coaches from small communities feelings are on this) I am friends with coaches from small 1 A and 2A programs that have never expressed wanting any change other than giving them the opportunity to compete at the team level.