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  1. Let the good times roll

    One more comment like this and New Castle is OUT of Da Region!
  2. cosgrove

    There are many ways to look at it...not sure it's fair to say Hobart dropped the ball though. Great guy, going to a great program with some awesome guys that are going to be mat side. We'll miss you Bren.. Best of luck at CP and at Elite Athletic Club.
  3. ISWA State Question

    He's not my son..just an awesome kid in our club..he didn't complain went about his business. I just was really puzzled..one of our other coaches handled it an he said they were not having it. Just seems like there would be a better way to make sure everyone is where they need to be when it is brought to there attention.
  4. ISWA State Question

    How about when the iswa doesn't fix their mistakes like entering a kid weighing 81 lbs as 87 so he has to bump up to 90..ridiculous..our boy even went back on the scale for them to see and they wouldn't change it. He got 4 th at the bumped up weight but got muscled his last couple rounds. It just makes no sense to me.
  5. Rumph with a hot tournament run

    Chris Rumph is going to be scary good by the time he is a senior. The kid has only wrestled for 2 years. Once he learns how to wrestle the sky is the limit. He was battling with Red but he put his head down for 1 second...just like Lee..and got cradled and put away. You see those losses and don't realize he was losing to Hatch and Crary very close matches with less that 30 career matches. Then 4 losses to Black , which other than kinda pinning himself defending a takedown against Molloy while winning would have been undefeated going into his match with Lee which he hung in there with for the most part. I don't know if Rumph can stay under 145( and Lee just looks like he will be bigger by then) , but next year I wouldn't be shocked if at 138 you see Rumph and Black all the way through the tournament against one another then under the lights in Indy.
  6. Most advanced?

    Hobart advanced 10!
  7. How much longer are we going to go on like this?

    You are right on all accounts, now explain that to the Ihsaa and see how they feel about it when top teams in the state often draw each other in sectionals in other sports. Forget logic..forget the absolute best thing for the sport to see the for sure best teams. You have to do i like the other sports. yep
  8. How much longer are we going to go on like this?

    Well I agree, that is a problem but lets face it some teams are still finishing up football when wrestling starts. I agree Y2 but pleasing the IHSAA is kind of tough and they march the banner of everything the same although its not really the same as other sports. I have changed my mind a bit on the individual side as far as classing goes but...I hate that I have haha. My preference is single class individual, but I think I'd enjoy a 2 class (no more) if that came about ever.
  9. How much longer are we going to go on like this?

    Seems to me if you make it "like" other sports then the IHSAA is more apt. to do it. If they would extend season by two weeks it could be done nice and organized and in 4 classes how they like it. Example each sectional say has 8 teams thereabout some may only have 7 (blind draw like all other sports...someone may get a bye).. 2 weeks before individual sectionals start round one of 4 team sectional on a Weds. night....next week, same thing..gets you to 8 teams per class that have a semi-state somewhere on Saturday after individual state then the next week you get 4 state championships..You could get creative on how you do it to keep the crowd. you could potentially do a final 4 in all 4 classes and shorten the semi-state idea... I like the coaches thing going on but just spit-balling. If you want it recognized you have to play by their rules and figure out how to get attendance there which is ultimately why team state went away in the first place. Now obviously you may have some say that we won't get a true champion because the best teams may beat each other in sectional or semi-state, and while true if you want something recognized you have to do it within the small box of imagination that the IHSAA provides. Other than that go to the old format but have 4 states in 4 different gyms like Bend Davis, Warren Central, North Central and Tech or something or 1A,3A in one and 2 and 4A in another site. Hell you could implement the success factor even and make the tournament more compelling I suppose.
  10. Nick Lee 132 ?

    crazy things happen! There is gonna be 14 other kids that will still probably show up anyway, and darnitall if they don't go ahead and wrestle if they get a shot at Red and Lee...haha...It is huge though no doubt. Has there been a more hyped possible match-up? Recently anyway probably Lee v.s Micic.
  11. Nick Lee 132 ?

  12. Nick Lee 132 ?

    I think everyone gets this is a huge potential match-up..Historic some have said..I agree. I would like to see a rematch from Al Smith between Molloy and Black..That was shaping up to be a great finish then Black put his shoulders on the mat fending off molloy coming out the back door to try and take the lead late. Certainly Lee, and Red are the favorites but I don't think anyone is conceding just yet. Even after Molloy and Black there is some real quality that in another year the depth of the weight might be the topic. Much work to be done though before anyone even punches their ticket. Should be a lot of fun.
  13. East Chicago Semi State Rankings

    If the developers stop going bankrupt there were plans to build an expo center/ arena civic center with hotels and a sports dome in Hobart off of rt 30 and I65.. It would be in Merrillville school district but in Hobart city limits so perhaps if that happens anytime soon it could potentially be a great fit. The infrastructure is in...just need buildings.
  14. Merrillville Semi State

    Genesis center I too have said for years would be great venue wise. But the down side is there is nothing around it anyone could go to to eat and the city of Gary whether it be school or government can't do anything right. Don't think they could pull off a semi state. Shame 6,500 capacity.
  15. Merrillville needs a new announcer

    There is a perfect venue in the Region for it but it's in a far from perfect location. The Gary Genisis center had the seating and he facilities. Really pretty nice. It's just that whole security thing but it's not all that far from mville. If they had upgraded security it would be very good. It is bigger than the civic c enter and I think mville hs is bigger than the ARC at VU. Rumors of a large convention center coming to either Crown Point or Hobart have been heard which would be connected to a hotel so we shall see.