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  1. Great wrestler and from what I understand a better young man.
  2. Great match between Banks and Turley. Banks has a new supporter. Good luck young man in the ticket round.
  3. Not about being tough, smart on the other hand.... Wrkn next to the Rats beloved 7 blast furnace and hasn’t let up since I started @5. Drove Rt. 20 all the way into E.C. wasn’t to bad. If this keeps up everyone coming in tomorrow should look into some of the alternative routes. As of a couple minutes ago 80 was one lane. Happy trails to all and be safe.
  4. Turley @145 won’t be an easy out. Definitely making some major strides late in his freshman season. Don’t be surprised if he grabs one of those golden tickets to Bankers Life.
  5. Love the smell of Blast Furnaces in the morning......
  6. Congrats to a kid with great character, and wrk ethic! Was always the first one to get the club kids to be themselves and enjoy there time in the room!
  7. Gotta hand it to B. Black, been rocking the old school Hobart singlets for couple years now. New age singlets are great but kinda sweet seeing the original styles in true form.
  8. It's not my place and would be irresponsible for me to put anything on here without permission. After all we are talking about kids. With that said I have a tremendous amount of respect for this young man. Both on and off the mat. Looking forward to this weekend as I hope you all are.
  9. I'm gonna have to agree with the "Lord of the Dance" Cosgrove on this one. Cummings has the pelts on the wall and knowledge from being there. Hard to bet against this kid after all he has overcome this season.
  10. Had to reiterate that point on previous post.... You forgot to mention a certain somebody waiting for them all from the bottom half of 138!
  11. I can't attest for Rumphs performance today nor do I have any inside info. But I did witness Black eat an entire Nacho (extra cheese) from the concession stand prior to the match. Only conclusion I can come up with is those are some damn good nachos that the fine folks at E.C.C are whipping up!
  12. Well Cosgrove someone has to make the doughnuts! See you when you get there lunch on me. AK
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