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  1. Ch1StyleZ84

    Weird and sad story about former IU wrestler

    I don't know, man. That picture still looks like the sort of guy that would go around roundhousing unsuspecting swans for the fun of it.
  2. Ch1StyleZ84

    Weird and sad story about former IU wrestler

    Touche. I stand corrected
  3. Ch1StyleZ84

    Weird and sad story about former IU wrestler

    Isn't it obvious? The journalist is a former basketball player, only possible explanation
  4. Ch1StyleZ84

    NFHS Wrestling Rules Update

    Attached is an illustration of the Nelson Cradle for anyone like myself who couldn't visualize it. Looks pretty wicked! Nelson-Cradle-Illegal.pdf
  5. Ch1StyleZ84

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Seems like you couldn't ask for a much better situation to walk into as a coach
  6. Ch1StyleZ84

    Las Vegas- Seniors. Juniors, Veterans, etc

    That was Reece you're are thinking of, Jordin is his older brother
  7. Ch1StyleZ84

    Las Vegas- Seniors. Juniors, Veterans, etc

    He shall now be called Grandmaster B
  8. Ch1StyleZ84

    New Castle Semi State Predictions

    Man, that sure is a bummer. I had both Gabe and Elijah punching their tickets to state this weekend.
  9. Ch1StyleZ84

    Richmond Regional

    Can't spell Negangard without "Negan", so I reckon he's gotta be tough. I wonder if his nickname is Lucille? I will keep my eye out for that match
  10. Ch1StyleZ84

    Here it is folks...The Dirty South!

    About halfway between Richmond and Knightstown on 40, if that helps
  11. Ch1StyleZ84

    New rankings

    To be honest, I was a little surprised not to see Gabe Phillips (42-3) in there @ 126. Beat Ragle twice, granted one of those was at sectionals after the rankings were already out.
  12. Ch1StyleZ84

    “Automatic” State Champs

    I would agree that, we have been a little spoiled. Especially, since the early 2000's when you had Alex Tsirtsis, Angel Escobedo and Andre Hernandez all on the same team and pretty much "locks" to win.
  13. Ch1StyleZ84

    Richmond Regional

    I'm with you on about 95% of these, but I just can't see Phillips not winning @ 132
  14. Ch1StyleZ84

    Tri Sectional

    I'm most looking forward to the Phillips/Ragle rematch. I hope Gabe can make it 2-0. Not easy to beat a tough opponent twice, but I think he can get it done.
  15. Ch1StyleZ84

    Tri Sectional

    I think so too. I honestly believe it's a toss up amongst those 4 teams.

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