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  1. All in all that was an amazing World Championships for Team USA! My dad and I are making the trip to Coralvillle for the World Cup so I really hope the A teams show up.
  2. I wonder if he will stay at 57kg for an Olympic run. To me he looked a lot healthier here than he did in Tokyo.
  3. I thought would it be more competitive, but Yianni was clearly out to make a statement
  4. I cant wait to have Welker, Elor and Blades as a 3 piece combo at 68,72, and 76 to hopefully help break the stranglehold that the Japan women's team has
  5. Gross is really surprising me. Of all the men's weights I thought he would be the weak link in the chain, but he is tough. Higuchi is animal though and that will be a very tough matchup for Gross. And if I am being honest I really didn't have Yianni D beating Punia much less tech him.
  6. Wow what a match! I expected it to be closer between DT and Yazdani, but DT was relentless and ground him down to rubble.
  7. I was in awe of how Micic was able to stave off those deep shots by Hasegawa.
  8. It would be an exciting finals match to say the least. I'd be rooting for Micic, but I think Gilman would be too much for him.
  9. I was very impressed with how Hildebrandt regained her composure after losing consciousness and tech'd it out. And speaking of impressive, how about Amit Elor.....wow!
  10. Probably for the best, I’d hate to see someone with mal intent really go after his legs and try to do further damage.
  11. That'd be a great name for a new wrestling academy
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