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  1. what a great opportunity for laplace... and wasn't brewer on a similar roll last year? until he got to elijah mahan on friday night?? is it just a coincidence that laplace has a similar style to mahan?? just sayin... its gonna be a real interesting match up... i don't see a major either.
  2. what do you mean "huh? you said you didn't know if you would have made the call and eluded that earlier in the tournament fattore was in danger of a similar call. or did i read your post backward?? i thought my reply was very plain and to the point. no?
  3. really? if indeed that is the case then no sectional assignment for you as well. maybe in the future this should be final criteria for officials advancement show them this video and hear their choice. if after the fact you cant admit the clear blown call.... well... just no words.
  4. Calm down Mr emotional I said it's NOT about you. Hahaha.... my brain is what?? What is your major malfunction son? You do make me laugh.... how about you post another paragraph about less nothing... take a deep breath......
  5. Don't be so emotional its not about you either. Remember?
  6. No... it's not about me. but right is right lol....
  7. PATHETIC no account job of officiating is exactly what it was no less no more
  8. If that's really your take.... I had same angle as ref I was middle of mat 2 during injury time. That particular ref should not get a sectional assignment in the future I know we will scratch him from this point on. No less than pathetic call
  9. My first post of the year but I can not sit silent for this b s call. I was 25 ft away mat level. This type of officiating is what calls into question the integrity of officials in general. A ft wayne official making a redicullous call like this in favor of a wrestler from the ft semi state. PATHETIC at best. Get your scratch sheets ready. Any decent official wouldn't have made that call in a fees tyler match. He needs to be sat in front of this video and imbarassed.
  10. sitting in the opposite corner during the #145 final was very interesting. in my opinion "Fabio's" choice of words, in match, to his wrestler more disrespectful of his wrestlers opponent than helpful to a wrestler that caliber of Brayton Lee. Just my opinion. my assistant agreed.
  11. I think the real question is how could it possibly help the quality? Even if there were only two classes wouldn't each be watered down? it would seem the only real argument for an overall rise in quality would be the increased participation that some would expect. So then we have to ask how many years would it take to see a rise in numbers? And during those years how watered down would talent become in each class? Given the fact that most states with class wrestling have numbers that far exceed Indiana's
  12. In my opinion there is very little or no validity to the first point. It gives almost no credence to the fact the grass roots level is what increased participation is all about and it starts at home with parents that see the value of what this sport does for kids. for instance having gym classes at the grade school level that have say a 1 month stretch where wrestling is the activity. In my opinion that type of intro to wrestling does far more for participation than any change or implementation at the high school level ever could. The second point is a better one in my opinion concerning
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