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  1. GWCoach

    Team State Vote-In Results

    Money plays a big part.....overnight stay is what hurt us. We loved coming because it was great competition but our school isn't exactly willing to bleed money. On the other hand team state we coulda swung the school to financially back lol
  2. GWCoach

    Team State Vote-In Results

    I like numbers.......of our 11 sectional returnees......9 regional qual. 106: 27-8 113: 25-9 120: 16-10 126: 33-8 132: 28-11 138: 32-8 145: 11-6 152: 16-6 160: 17-9 220: 23-11 285: 4-10 Due to circumstances our star 160 who was 20-2 had to sit out of the state tournament which would have made more of an impact. Our schedule isn't doing us an favors as we lost Rochester, Garrett, crown point varsity and Goshen in the last couple years due to rescheduling of their meets. That would have been a better indicator as we rolled with jv when we were ahead in duals. We would look forward to moving things around to schedule any team in the vote-in or the top #10 just so our team can know where we stand. I would also like to point out our incoming freshman(about 14) which carried us to a 12th place finish at middle school state while only with 9 guys. Some our regional qualifiers will not have spots. But that is the nature of a competitive team.
  3. GWCoach

    Team State Vote-In Results

    I can't say I'm shocked we weren't voted in considering no one on the committee has seen us wrestle in a dual, and most have probably never heard of us. We've been under the radar for the last couple year and we were hoping this would be our coming out party. In my biased opinion we are a top 5 2A team next year. We thrashed #9 New prairie worse than any team they wrestled at team state.
  4. GWCoach

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    I have the ingredients all set. Just need a poll from the selection committee on what kind of cake I should make and an address to send it to.
  5. GWCoach

    3x middle school champ

    My wrestler was excited to get a chance to wrestle him finally. Said it was the best :11 he had on the mat all year.
  6. GWCoach

    Griffith Sectional

    We actually ran into that problem a lot when we wrestled your super. All in one match, the ref even said he would be calling it differently and breaking much earlier for the rest of the dual due to it. I don't know if it will be set up slightly different from when we wrestled, but it's just something to be aware of.
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    Hammond Gavit
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    Hammond Gavit
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    Hammond Gavit
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    Hammond Gavit
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    Hammond Gavit
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    Hammond Gavit
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    Hammond Gavit
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    Hammond Gavit
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    Hammond Gavit

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