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  1. 12/11/2019 07:00 PM
  2. "Bad teams" that can't fill all weight classes...does that make them a BAD team...they may have quality guys without a full roster.
  3. Are parents able to stay with their wrestling during the RTC? We have a few families car pooling to the event.
  4. Hammond Gavit
  5. Hammond Gavit
  6. GMSCoach

    Hammond Gavit vs. Whiting

    Hammond Gavit
  7. GMSCoach

    Fairhaven vs. Hammond Gavit

  8. Hammond Gavit
  9. At least your team got voted in. We just to keep scratching our heads and looking over statistics.
  10. Ready to leave for a tourney...kid went down to the locker room showers to...uh...shower...locked him in there..BY MISTAKE!...set the alarm and left...not noticing...figure he is one of the bundled up at the back of the bus...wrong guy....team swears he is there....we leave. He gets out...setting off alarms...calls us and says "I can drive and meet you there" we say "AWESOME...see you there"...meanwhile...room is locked...can't get his shoes or anything else including car keys. We left a semi state qualifier locked IN the shower...THEN locked OUT of the room. Needless to say...he had a pretty good excuse for missing weigh-ins.
  11. That WILL be the change. Have your records ready to reflect actual match wins and FFTS. You will also probably be asked to see dual meet lineups to see if a kid bumped, weighed in and sat or whatever. Good times.
  12. Whats the shipping cost on water skis?
  13. SO...besides 6 A I suppose...you fellas feel free to answer around 10 pm Friday night.
  14. SO...what teams just got an infusion of football players done with their season and ready to take it to the mat? I know some did up here in my neck of the woods!
  15. My issue is that my alpha sheets from 11/17/15 do not match what they have on the website. So I have a boy who was wrestling 152 all year, decided to make the drop for the state tournament had an alpha sheet from 11-17-15 saying the lowest he could go was 145 but the website now has that number at 147.22. Anyone else have this happen? Anyone know WHY it might have happened?
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