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Everything posted by regionfather10

  1. Portage High School graduate Steven "Bam" Lawrence has signed his letter of intent to wrestle at NAIA powerhouse Grand View (Iowa). After finishing as a 2x JUCO All-American at Ellsworth (Iowa) he will look to continue his career with the 7x defending national champion Vikings. Thanks for representing Indiana and Portage proudly and wishing you continued success!
  2. regionfather10

    Big Ten

    Listening to the mat 2 announcer is like listening to my drunk uncle get everyone's name wrong....Irritating!!
  3. regionfather10

    most impressive TODAY??

    Kris Rumph was a takedown machine tonight! Was glad to see him and his quickness back in offensive mode. Very impressive weekend!
  4. regionfather10


    Vega throwing Schaefer to his back for the win in the quarterfinals '96 trailing with 8 seconds left in the match avenging a loss in the semis the year before
  5. regionfather10

    High School Wrestling Participation up

    I feel aside from the uniforms, we are seeing the result of the increased number of youth wrestling programs that have stemmed from the great wrestlers and programs this state has produced in the last 10-20 years.
  6. regionfather10

    Gaige Torres of Portage commits to

    Congratulations Gaige! You have and continue to make Portage wrestling proud.
  7. Good luck this weekend Crimson Wave. Congratulations for setting the foundation of what I am sure will be a national contender in years to come.
  8. regionfather10

    By my numbers it looks pretty even

    To those that think Mishawaka carried our semistate, having 6 champs and none of them being from Mishawaka speaks for itself.
  9. regionfather10

    Best Wrestling Song Ever!!

    You're the Best Around by Joe Esposito always got me revved up. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
  10. regionfather10

    McMurray vs McCray

    McMurray is definitely the favorite and I am sure he will not be overlooking any opponent he wrestles this weekend. All he has to do is remember Tim Myers from Bellmont who was denied a third title in his senior year by Greg Larsen of Hanover Central (a small school) in 1995.
  11. regionfather10

    Buehrle Perfect Game!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats to Buehrle and all White Sox fans. What a great catch by Wise to with no outs in the 9th. Great way to go into the Detroit series tied for 1st. I know this isn't wrestling but I am sure there are plenty of Sox fans reading and enjoying this.
  12. regionfather10

    Best Recruting Class

    Cal College may not have the most talented class in the state, but Coach Vega has done an outstanding job assembling its inaugural wrestling team. Look for this school to be a perennial NAIA power in years to come.

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