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  1. Brian Johnson from Beech Grove and Hugh Waddington from LN. I think they met four times during the year with Brian winning the first three and Hugh winning the BIG ONE at MSA.
  2. I also have known some coaches to purchase new singlets for their State Qualifies. If those singlets were not issued by the school would that make them illegal? I also have loaned equipment to other wrestlers when they have forgotten to bring them to a meet. I agree with wearing them insideout. That shows you are making a statement about the treatment form your school. Coach Mendoza you have done an EXCELLENT job of building the Tech program. Do not let let the adminsitration take away form that. Your team is full of good wrestlers that will follow their coach and do what ever he asks of them. I am glad to see the state support your program as they have done. It also looks like a large number of Tech supporters have voiced their opinions on the Star website. What ever you decide to do, do it with gusto. Look forward to seeing you at Semi-State.
  3. Bob Jarrett who coached at Western, Clinton Central, Western (again), and now Eastern. One of the greatest coaches I have ever known. Coached many State Champs.
  4. Is the Tim Welch getting inducted the same Tim Welch from Union City?
  5. I believe New Castle has three Coach Peck and his crew are doing a good job
  6. Let's see here are a few I can remember from around the state Back in the Day The Wizard -Black Sabbath War Pigs-Black Sabbath Anything by Black Sabbath seemed to work in some rooms And of coarse we had our share of the 80's Hair Band Music, I remember hearing alot of Quiet Riot in our room If I remember correctly Lance Ellis liked to listen to some LL Cool J-I'm Bad
  7. By my numbers it looks like this Merriville S.S. 30 through New Castle S.S 29 through Evansville S.S. 28 through Fort Wayne S.S 25 through Only one S.S was shut out in one weight class (F.W. 112lbs) I think this is a pretty even State tourney. What do you all think?
  8. Mr. Harris, You are making a very good point. I grew up in that time frame when we had AAU, USA, and the ISWA. I remember that the AAU Junior Nationals were HUGH. The USA nationals were not as big. The ISWA was a new breed all together. They did start out as FS and GR and the tournaments went much smoother and we had more tourneys all over the state. When I first got started I think we wrestled two or three times at Western Boone High School, two or three times at Tech High School, we always went to Jasper(I loved this tourney because we got to stay at the Holiday Inn and swim in the pool and get to see my aunt and uncle), there were a few other tourneys in the state that were very far away for us. The State final was ALWAYS at TECH. They did the best job they could. Can anyone remember the Christian Park Wrestling Club? Man did they have some studs in that club. At that time I think they were the Premier club in Indy. I remember when we had a National Tournament in Indy it was at the Convention Center. That same year AAU still had their Grand Nationals in Nebraska. Alot of things have changed over the years. A very good friend of mine is one of the people that has started the HYWAY program in Indiana. He was a member of the Western Boone wrestling club as a kid and he has seen it all as well. He thinks the same as you do Mr. Harris, let the ISWA be in charge of the FS and GR and let them take care of the folkstyle. I also think it would be really neat if someone would host a Tourney just for Coaches and let their wrestlers coach THEM. That would be awesome and I think it would teach a good lesson to the wrestlers.
  9. I would like to throw out a few names Chad Shepard, Head Coach Western, PEEWEE Middle Weight Gerard Tishner, Asst. Coach Western, PEEWEE Middle Weight(I am being really nice here) Rob Hadley, Asst. Coach Rushville, PeeWee Heavy weight Sean McGinley, Cathedral Head Coach, PeeWee Middle Paul Gunsett , Asst. Belmont, Peewee middle Chuck Ladow, Head Coach (Somebody help me out I know he is coaching somewhere), PEE WEE Heavy(sorry Chuck) All of the Western Volunteer Asst Coaches there are quite a few great wrestlers helping with that program(quite a few past state champs) Will Ragle, Asst. New Castle, Pee Wee Middle Weight Steve Pugliese, Danville head Coach, PeeWee HeavyWeight Coach Wright, Warren Central, PeeWee Light Weight I would live to see some of the old timers on the mat Coach Peck, New Castle, Veteran Heavy Weight Jack Day, Rushville, Veteran Light Weight Coach Overfield, Western Boone, Veteran Middle Weight Coach Welliver, Southmont, Veteran Light Weight Coach Duncan, Southmont, Veteran Heavy Weight
  10. I would just like to wish all wrestlers the best of luck tomorrow. Our sport has been through alot this year and I hope that all of the competitors tomorrow show good sportsmanship win or lose. Our sport needs to finish on a good note for the year. I know that Mr. Cox might not be the best person to be overseeing our sport but for now that is who the IHSAA has given us and we have to deal with it. I am glad that the Randolph County wrestlers are going to be allowed to finish their seasons a the Fort Wayne S.S. Thanks to all that made that possible. Our Coaches Association is limited in what they can do, but they were able to get these kids a chance to finish their season on their own accord.
  11. "If that is all you got....Then you better pack it up and go home, cause your in for a VERY long day." " Anyone can be beat on any given day. It is your choice if it is today." "I don't care what his name is just get out there and beat his a@@" Right before we wrestled a youth detention center "Yeah, I am sure they pat down their wrestlers before they get on the mat" "If you ain't winning your LOSING" "My Little sister can do better than that and I don't even have a little sister." Right after one of our wrestlers threw up during a match "When you get done get back out there and beat this guy down."
  12. The Immortal Bob Jarret made me want to coach. He always made the older kids teach the younger kids. The first time a younger kid came up and gave me a hug and told me "Thanks" for helping them learn a take down, I was hooked. I LOVE THIS SPORT. I have been blessed to have been exposed to some Great coaches over the years. All of them made me want to coach. Jarret, Moe, Callahan, McClain, Overfield, Warthan, Finley, Peck, Welliver, Day, Boes, Patton, and Hump to name a few. I have been blessed to have known all of these coaches and to have learned from all of them. I just wish I would have listened to them when I was younger I probably would have done more with my career. It was not until just recently that I understood what some of them were trying to tell me. "PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR A@@ AND JUST WRESTLE" Thanks to all the coaches that helped me along the way and those that are still helping me. Lawler
  13. I really hope Coach O'Neil can make it tomorrow because I would REALLY hate to see Coach Steele have to come out of the Jr, High ranks to show you all how it is done. LOL Coach I hope you are able to coach your wrestlers tomorrow. You are Lucky to have a great feeder program at Westfield. I have known Coach Steele for a number of years and he is a great guy that loves the sport. Hope to see you tomorrow.
  14. 1. Dave Lawler - Clinton Central 2. Dave Palmer - Muncie South/Delta 3. Ray Shepard- Western 4. Kieth Davison - Chesterton 5. Ben Reichel - Northwest 6. Joe Swartz - Western 7. Kris Karns - Taylor 8. Andrew Howe - Hanover Central
  15. Our school had a teacher day Friday and they just canceled school for Thursday. We had to wrestle Regionals on Monday so we have had no practice this week.
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