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  1. Again I will say it name one arguement of mine that was not descent. I can name several for Y2. He has compared winning a D1 and D3 title to being equal. He has taken stats from a time when the NCAA only had 30 teams and tryed to use them as relavent to todays wrestling. He has rejected data on the success of multisport atheletes. The list goes on and on I could name like 30, but I will spare the time. Y2 and his chronies have been the ones with bs arguements while classless Indiana people have at least had intelligent thoughts. Name one single arguement of mine that was rediculous. I
  2. Haha it sounded better and who was going to take the time to look it up. haha. For all I knew you won state this year.
  3. I must admit I like your style even though I don't like your views. To be hated is to be great is what I always say. No one hates a bad wrestler.
  4. Maybe the team but the individual would be absolutly crazy to do. Small schools do just fine in the individual state tournement.
  5. I agree there still is that sense of taking down the big boys.
  6. If they ever do class it the school sport may as well die out because the most prestiguos tournement will be the off season state with all the good wrestlers there. it will be a very sad day when we go down to huntington high school a month after the season to find out who the true champion is.
  7. How many of Y2's wahoos are from Karl, bigdanteague, and galagore? I am guessing 500 hundred plus. I know I have left for two days and had like 100 extra boos. Those guys must set an alarm every hour at night just to wake up and boo me. I also know pintowin was at +22 before yesterday at 2 pm. These guys are dorks.
  8. Can we all at least agree that Y2, Karl, Galagore, Bigdanteague, and myself all lost any credibility on the subject. I mean I was rude and the other guys refuse the listen to the otherside. So do we all agree on that?
  9. Lets get back on topic now. Classin wrestling is worthless enough said.
  10. Thats a pretty young squad as well if I rememeber right. You have quite a few returners.
  11. I was following them all year and they were beating up teams. I guess between them and Goshen I was thinking they would do better down at semi state. I didn't mean to be offensive I was just wandering if the flu was going arround or what. Because I though all both these teams would take 3 or more.
  12. I have never stated anything that was that far off. My track record is pretty good. I challange anyone to find anything on this board that I messed up on and did not admit fault.
  13. Yeah he came graduated in 2005 though. I have just been arround the sport for decades and I just found this website one day and spiced the site up. It was kinda boring for a while. It was a giant Hallmark comercial. This is a disscusson board so I wanted to get it going and I did just that. Y2 personally has thanked me with several private messages on here. He said that the site had not seen as much traffic before I started posting.
  14. ok. I post what I feel whats the matter with that.
  15. Yeah but still I am very much disliked and do not want to be affiliated with any school or arganization.
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