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  1. Luckily one of the Y2s here actually read my initial post. Thank you, Y21AB.
  2. Does anyone know how many wrestlers have placed 4x at the Indiana State Tournament and been a 4x All-American in college (at any level)? Off the top of my head I think of Angel. I haven't really put much thought into it, but was just wondering if anyone knew this stat. Thanks!
  3. Behling, do you have an extra pair of shoes? I am in Ft. Wayne until Tuesday!
  4. Cumberland. All the same, congrats young man. I am spending this weekend with one of the assistant coaches there!
  5. It looks as if he was Player of the Week actually, not Wrestler of the Week.
  6. I now coach in Louisiana. We travel to New Jersey, Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia for tournaments. We miss a total of 4 days from these four tournaments. That truly isn't much at all. Let alone, at least change the rule so that teams can travel over Christmas break for holiday tournaments. That would be a good start. By the way, we fundraise for all of our travels. If your team wants to travel, have them raise the money. That is a simple fix. I would venture to say that the teams all across the country that travel around the country are not having those expenses paid for by their school fu
  7. Thanks for the input, Jimbo! I am looking for a little more clarification... 1) Is GREEN always HOME? I am not asking if you can make a team that has a red singlet the "away/red" team. I am asking... is green always home? Is it feasible that red wristbands are awarding points to the "home" side of the scoreboard? 2) Do you have a rule for this or a specific section in the case manual? 3) So you are telling me that you would NOT call an illegal hold in a position where we started in an Iranian but i put you on your hip and I am stepping over for a turk? Text me if you need me to
  8. 3 questions and even more specifically these two are in the NFHS rule book... 1) is green always “home” and is that a rule? 2) is the match over with the slap of the mat or the whistle? Example...an official at our HS tourney said today that in terms of if time is out or not you go by the whistle and not the slap of the mat. 3) pertaining to a head scissors (with or without an arm): in what positions can there be a draping scissors? The only one I can think of is in an Iranian. I had an official tell me it was draping when both athletes were on their hip and the offensive wrestl
  9. I don't believe Brooks was a Fargo champ. He lost to Tomasello in the finals the year he made it. I could be wrong though, even though I was his coach for that match.
  10. Rod! Great to see your name pop up when I scrolled this topic. I hope all is well. Will BHSS be at the team state duals in December? Andrew Nicola
  11. He can't transfer to another B10 school if he plans on competing right away. It is the rule that he must sit a year if he transfers within conference. If he redshirts, then he could do that. If not, it's just simply a rule and he wouldn't be able to compete.
  12. Indiana ties...Cal Baptist's Joe Fagiano was a national qualifier for Indiana University. He will be competing for a D2 title next weekend in South Dakota at HWT. He will wrestle UIndy's Faulkenburg first round.
  13. Former Indiana University NQ, Joe Fagiano, placed 7th at HWT. He was one of two D2 wrestlers to place. He also pinned D1 #6 ranked Cabell in a lat drop in 36 seconds!
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