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  1. cadet130

    IHSAA Rules Change Needed

    I now coach in Louisiana. We travel to New Jersey, Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia for tournaments. We miss a total of 4 days from these four tournaments. That truly isn't much at all. Let alone, at least change the rule so that teams can travel over Christmas break for holiday tournaments. That would be a good start. By the way, we fundraise for all of our travels. If your team wants to travel, have them raise the money. That is a simple fix. I would venture to say that the teams all across the country that travel around the country are not having those expenses paid for by their school funds. I could be wrong though.
  2. cadet130

    a few questions

    Thanks for the input, Jimbo! I am looking for a little more clarification... 1) Is GREEN always HOME? I am not asking if you can make a team that has a red singlet the "away/red" team. I am asking... is green always home? Is it feasible that red wristbands are awarding points to the "home" side of the scoreboard? 2) Do you have a rule for this or a specific section in the case manual? 3) So you are telling me that you would NOT call an illegal hold in a position where we started in an Iranian but i put you on your hip and I am stepping over for a turk? Text me if you need me to send you a specific video of what I am talking about. There is nothing in the rule book that says ANYTHING about pressure on the head in a head scissors. The only place that pressure on the head/neck is addressed is in a draping scissors situation.
  3. cadet130

    a few questions

    3 questions and even more specifically these two are in the NFHS rule book... 1) is green always “home” and is that a rule? 2) is the match over with the slap of the mat or the whistle? Example...an official at our HS tourney said today that in terms of if time is out or not you go by the whistle and not the slap of the mat. 3) pertaining to a head scissors (with or without an arm): in what positions can there be a draping scissors? The only one I can think of is in an Iranian. I had an official tell me it was draping when both athletes were on their hip and the offensive wrestler was stepping over for a turk from the Iranian. Is there anything in the rule that says anything about pressure against the head? I am not seeing it. I understand that for a DRAPING scissor the rule states that pressure would have to be there. However, under illegal moves it says the straight head scissors (arm included or not) is illegal. There is nothing about pressure at all.
  4. cadet130

    Huntington North Wrestling Coach

    Coach, this email didn't seem to work. Please shoot me an email or give me a call. Thanks. Andrew Nicola cadet130@gmail.com 260-312-4378
  5. Former Indiana University NQ, Joe Fagiano, placed 7th at HWT. He was one of two D2 wrestlers to place. He also pinned D1 #6 ranked Cabell in a lat drop in 36 seconds!
  6. We will be hosting Bakersfield in our Take It Outside II event on November 14 in Riverside, CA. We make this a free event for all with special guests in attendance. Last year we had an awesome crowd of over 2,600 fans to watch. Check out this cool preview video we put together to promote this year's event! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1034437409920031
  7. I think Army, Air Force, North Idaho College, Indiana, and Rutgers will all have at least one Indiana native registered.
  8. Sure wish this was full-time in some capacity!
  9. Two weekends ago we participated at the NAIA National Championships. We finished a program best 6th in the country. Jake Williams won the title at 149# and Cody Linton was runner-up at 184#. Zeke Hunt (GA) earned his 2nd AA with a 6th place finish. Zeke is the only varsity member of our team graduating. We are going to be very strong next season, especially with some of the recruits we are brining in. Zeke along with Indiana native, Steven Sandefer, were both named NAIA Scholar-Athletes as well. They've both represented Cumberland with pride and we are very proud of them.
  10. Cumberland University will be headed down to Life University to compete in the NAIA East Region Qualifier. The top 4 from each weight class will qualify for nationals. Currently the teams ranked nationally at #2, #5, #8, and #9 are the top 10 ranked teams in our qualifier. Dalton Baysinger (Yorktown, '13) and Kirk Johnson (Perry Meridian, '12) will be competing for the Bulldogs.
  11. Kirk Johnson (Cumberland) won the title at 165#. Neal Molloy (Danville) earned 3rd place at 157#. Luke Blanton (Alexandria) earned a runner-up finish at 149#. He lost a thrilling OT match to Cumberland's 2x AA Jake Williams (20-0 on the season so far). There were some great scrambles and it was a high scoring match! Great to see Indiana kids excelling and bringing home hardware!
  12. We had an issue with Mike Evans last season when we dualed Iowa. Our true freshman (and Indiana native), Kirk Johnson, took him down twice in the first period. Evans was not happy about that especially cause he was ranked 4th in the country. Johnson chose bottom to start the 2nd period and KJ told us that Evans was chirping in his ear the entire period about how he was going to hurt him and rip his fu***** arm off. Well, he did just that. KJ didn't wrestle another match the entire season and had shoulder surgery about 2 weeks later. It is truly unfortunate that this is the mentality some wrestlers have.
  13. Wrestling starts at 10am. #4 Campbellsville #5 Great Falls #8 Cumberland (TN) #11 Indiana Tech #19 Oklahoma City University # Missouri Baptist
  14. We compete against regional opponent Life U tonight. All three Indiana wrestlers will be in the lineup. Updates will be posted following the dual. Live updates can be seen by following our Twitter (@WrestlingCU) and our team Facebook... https://www.facebook.com/CumberlandUniversityWrestling
  15. Indiana was well represented on behalf of Cumberland U! Kirk Johnson claimed the title at 165#. Steven Sandefer (157#) and Dalton Baysinger (141#) each earned 3rd place honors.

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