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  1. As always WZBD 92.7 FM will be doing hold by hold coverage of the Ft Wayne Semi State. For those listeners who are not in range of the radio signal the broadcasts will be streamed live on your computers or phones. Go to WZBD92.7 fm. and follow the instructions.
  2. Great story! A lot of history and interesting insights into the two champions. best of luck to both at Bankers Life.
  3. WZBD 92.7 FM will be live streaming the tournament on both Friday and Saturday. This will be the 35th consecutive year that 92.7 has broadcast the State Finals. Hall of fame coach and broadcaster A Jay Kalver along with former Bellmont state runner up and state finalist official Rex Brewer will be on the call.
  4. Oh yes it has. Several years ago a Leo wrestler was the alternate at semi state, and when there was an opening in his weight class he got the opportunity to compete. He won his opener, and was beaten by the eventual champion and became the alternate for state. Same thing happened the next week. At state he was on weight and ready and he slipped into the field when there was an opening. To my recollection he won on Friday night and placed in the top 8! After graduation he walked on at a very prestigious wrestling program. Anyone remember his name?
  5. The conference really misses having Carroll and Homestead in the meet. Carroll has become a worthy challenger to Bellmont over the past 15 years, and Homestead always had several outstanding wrestlers. Since the S.A.C. either couldn't or wouldn't include them in all sports, not just basketball and football, they should have been grandfathered into the NE 8 wrestling tournament.
  6. In 92 Lawrence North had a first, second, third, and fourth in semi-state and all won state titles! I would think that has never been done before or since.
  7. In the late 70's when we wrestled 10-12 duals a year, Bellmont won 40 in a row going undefeated for two of those years.
  8. OK wise guys, I didn't make myself completely clear. What I am looking for is the schedule of teams in each round beginning at 9. johnny can fend for himself.
  9. When does it start and what is the schedule of matches. Thanks
  10. As I recall, the year Lawrence North won State, they had a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finisher from semi-state, and all 4 of them won State Championships! Incredible day.
  11. Hospitality room? What hospitality room. Ft. Wayne semi-state hasn't had one for the past two years.
  12. As long as it's the same pinning combo it should have been awarded 1 three point nearfall. That said it would have taken a superior offiical to determine the legs were still split in a turk ride.
  13. WZBD 92.7 FM will be live streaming the Ft. Wayne Semi-state for most of the day. A J Kalver and Rex Brewer on the call.
  14. How do you know that? Where are the brackets for the Ft Wayne SS!
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