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  1. azcoach

    Semi-State Broadcasts

    As always WZBD 92.7 FM will be doing hold by hold coverage of the Ft Wayne Semi State. For those listeners who are not in range of the radio signal the broadcasts will be streamed live on your computers or phones. Go to WZBD92.7 fm. and follow the instructions.
  2. Great story! A lot of history and interesting insights into the two champions. best of luck to both at Bankers Life.
  3. Have the powers that be begin the blood letting yet because attendance will most likely be off several thousand with out the two best traveling fan bases in the state?
  4. azcoach

    Radio Broadcast At State

    WZBD 92.7 FM will be covering the state finals on Friday evening beginning at 5:45 pm. Rex Brewer former State Finals official and state runner-up will be joined on the call by A J Kalver, a past Bellmont and Ft. Wayne Bishop Luers head coach. A Decatur based radio station has been covering the finals since the 1980-1981 season. Live streaming will be available on the web at wzbd92.7. Saturday's broadcast will start at 9:15 am.
  5. azcoach

    Ehr of South Adams

    The match was over. He was outwrestled but made a magnificent effort to tie it up. The buzzer sounded. He took off his legband and headgear. The officials put 2 seconds BACK on the clock. He had given all he had and the dream had died. It would have been a whole lot classier for his opponent to celebrate in the center of the mat. Ehr is a champion and he will be back. Great season Josh. Good luck at state to Schendel.
  6. azcoach

    pig tail winners at FW

    Did anyone happen to notice that NONE of the young men who won their pig tail matches advanced to state. Perhaps in an effort to defuse a bad situation, it created an unbalance. Perhaps those kids wrestling their 3rd match in the go to state round agaisnt opponents who were wrestling their 2nd match were at a disadvantage. 3 intense matches in less than 3 hours?
  7. azcoach


  8. azcoach

    Class Wrestling?????

    OK here goes..Class wrestling only for teams. Two classes split down the middle of enrollment, but.any school can bump up to the larger class for a 2-3 year period. No class for individual. As a coach here in Az. told me yesterday, I am a victim of the system. 6 classes brought on by football coaches who all wanted to be state chanps and the Az athletic association made it mandatory in all sports. Win 7 matches over two weeks and you are a state champion. Are there outstanding kids in all classes you bet! Is the state tournament diluted? Sure thing! Are the coaches happy about the way it is? NO! For the life of me I just can't see what would be so terrible about bringing another 8 schools and communities to a team state wrestling finals. More people, more excitement, and a chance for the small enrollment teams to get a chance for some bragging rights.
  9. azcoach

    Class Wrestling?????

    Arizona is a class wrestling stae. The road to the state finals begins this Saturday. After 40 years of teaching , broadcasting, and coaching in a one class system, it should be interesting to see how it plays out. Until you've walked a mile in another man's moccasins etc. you know the rest. For the record, the IHSAA declared there would be class wrestling back in 1998, and set 2000 as the deadline. When the Bellmont and Mater Dai fans balked at the set up, the IHSAA backed down and have not been heard from again. Money talks, and nobody supports Indiana wrestling like those two programs. With MD absent this year, will there be empty seats at Center Grove? We'll see.
  10. azcoach

    4th place out of regional

    For all of you that think taking a 4th place finisher is watering down semi-state, I suggest we go back to the way it was in the late 60's and early 70's..21 team two day sectionals advance ONE, 4 man regionals, advance ONE, four guys at STATE. Compared to that, everything in the modern era is watered down. What's the difference of having 4 more matches per weight class per semi-state, you can bet there WILL BE some regional champions beaten. There are ALWAYS semi-state champs beaten at STATE, so why not at this level?
  11. azcoach

    Signature Moves

    Delbert Parham a Kokomo state champ in the 60's or early 70's had a side cradle that he would use to pin kids late in the match when he always trailed. The kid had a pot gut and no build at all. Looks can be deceiving. John Smith, the man , the coach ,the legend, a low single while at Muncie South. Dennis Lewis, while at Yorktown a tilt if you were ever so foolish as to under hook either of his arms. Bullock from Ft. Wayne Central, a killer bear hug. Bud Palmer from Muncie North, Delta, pick a school, a heel pick that couldn't be stopped. Just a few for the old timers out there.
  12. azcoach

    Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow!

    72 and sunny today under cloudless blue skies. Watched Nogales come from behind and beat the Rio Rico Hawks before a nice crowd in the old Nogales high school gym. Indiana winter's are a distant memory.
  13. azcoach

    Best of All-Time

    Bellmont's Chris Mahlan, a hall of famer, was beaten in semi-state as a freshman, 3rd as a sophomore; winning in the semi's and caught in a peterson, 2nd as a junior; destroyed Edlund from Goshen at semi=state and lost to him in the finals, and state champ as a sr.Undefeated up till state his last three years. He also had knee surgery before his junior year and never missed a match. This was in the old era before arthoscopic. Mighty tough hombre!

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