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  1. Can't top @littlevito but 98 in '86 as a sophomore, 135 as a senior, now 205
  2. Brad Traviola was well over 6ft as a 145 ponder in 1985. I think he won state at 155 the following year.
  3. I feel like the top schools have tougher schedules nowadays. Many schools are traveling out of state, so we do not have as many undefeated champions. Because they have a loss, it does not mean they arent as good. IMO
  4. But you need to look at the guys in 2016, not what they did since after. I think Asa as a freshman probably loses to Cernus. I love Asa to death, as he is one of my wrestlers, but the reality is Cernus was pretty darn good. Were the tops kids from 2016 champs better, or have better careers, maybe. I believe a better barometer would be the number of kids going to college to wrestle. Is that number increasing or decreasing?
  5. Congrats to Coach Tonte and the Franklin Community program!
  6. This is an incredible pick up to keep the best IN kids. I love the addition. Now, can he coach? Lol
  7. I see Laplace went from 145 to 182. These are all big jumps (132-170, 182-220, 145-182)
  8. Perry dropped in the rankings on this thread. It was a much bigger deal when it was #2 vs. #4. As #5, Perry gets to use it as even more motivation. I think I smelling an upset...#norespect #underdogs.
  9. For starters, Avon wrestles at home tonight against Zionsville at 6:30pm.
  10. I like the idea of 15, but adding it to the middle of the lineup. 106, 113, 119, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 152, 160, 170,182, 195, 220, 285
  11. The #hashtag shall never die...kinda like Pistol in a gun fight. #Pistol #justhavingfun
  12. I thought Cotteu signed up. He could have made a difference in the outcome.
  13. They probably thought if you wear a 14 or bigger that you are probably playing basketball.
  14. This morning I counted (if I counted correctly) 15 kids in the championship bracket and 50 in the consolations - and now 4 in the finals and only 4 in the consos. What a great tourney!!
  15. I am not sure "Indiana continues to disappoint." Indiana had a runner up, a 5th and two 7th's...not to mention the number of guys still wrestling late Friday. We also have 2 kids that are are ranked #1 in their weight class graduating and entering the Big Ten 10 next year. We can not forget how tough the NCAA tourney really is. The best kids don't always win and many of the past champions do not repeat. There are former wrestlers on this site, like me, that never wrestled at our state finals. I marvel at how far Indiana wrestling has come. Just my opinion, but I
  16. I am pretty sure you meant McIntosh at 145. I might consider him closer to a semi-lock.
  17. The Eppert/Wright matches continued to get more heated and intense each round/each year. They were fun to watch as a spectator, but I would have hated to be a coach or a parent. That had to be stressful.
  18. Stepping back from coaching AND publishing top secret information!!! What has happened to you? But seriously, taking a knee is not gonna slow BLee down. It will probably invite a couple clubs to back of head, and a go-behind. I guess that is a little less painless than being taken down to a turk and tilted 3-4 times.
  19. One more weight in the area that is prob most crowded with quality wrestlers. I like it ??
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