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  1. Wednesday evening the Team State committee met and voted on 1 of the final 2 teams for each class. These were some very thought out discussions and very tough decisions. The teams picked (and have all accepted already) are: 4A: Center Grove 3A: Terre Haute South 2A: Tippecanoe Valley 1A: Tell City AS A REMINDER, THERE WILL BE 1 MORE TEAM PICKED PRIOR TO CHRISTMAS BASED ON IN SEASON RESULTS. This was sort of a spill over from a COVID season where we had to make some lat minute changes. We felt that it was best to pick 1 team that may have outperformed computer rankings. The date for next year's tournament is Jan 8th 2022.
  2. Edgewood Junior High School is located in Ellettsville just west of Bloomington. We have a PE position open and wrestling coaching positions available. I'd love to talk with interested applicants. You can call me at 317-412-2600 or email me at gratliff@rbbschools.net Check out the job posting here: EDGEWOOD PE Posting Greg Ratliff
  3. The date is set for January 8th 2022. 1 more team will be picked early May from the list of vote-in candidates. 1 team will be picked in December based on in season results. Accepted teams so far: 4A: Brownsburg Crown Point Indianapolis Cathedral Mater Dei Penn Perry Meridian 3A: Columbia City Columbus East East Central* Franklin Community Floyd Central Mishawaka* 2A: Bellmont Garrett Charlestown Hamilton Heights Jay County Peru New Prairie Oak Hill Wawasee Western 1A: Adams Central Daleville Centerville Cowan North Posey Rochester Prairie Heights Rensselear Central Southridge Southmont
  4. I think the second part to it is that you need all your coaches to be in agreement. 2 years ago I sent a survey out to all the head coaches about interest in class tournament. Results were divided up amongst different size schools, and no groups were strongly in favor. Overall it was about 50% and it was the same percentage for the small schools too. When proposals are taken to the state, they are typically looking for around 80% agreement. I understand that your proposal is not a true class system so results of that could be different.
  5. Obviously a lot of work was put into this. I think the number one thing is that the IHSAA doesn't think it's their issue to grow the sport. They also think of wrestling as an individual sport, and think that a cross country runner, swimmer or tennis player have the same opportunities no matter the school size. So convincing them to class wrestling would mean convincing them to class every individual sport.
  6. Guy is a legend! Hands like a Mac truck
  7. I'm pretty sure the most disgusting thing in wrestling is watching our wrestlers go into the disgusting bathrooms and then walk out and step on the mat and wrestle someone.
  8. Where are our big schools? Love to see what sla few more of them are doing.
  9. Top game is pretty tough, and I believe that’s a huge part of it. And it’s part of their toughness. Unfortunately both have broken their arms doing it. My 126’s dad was a national champion bull rider and did it professionally!
  10. I was doing some off-season planning today and was realizing how many different directions my athletes go. I’d be interested in hearing other schools and their activities: Edgewood: 106- Soccer, wrestling, track 113- FF 120- FF 126- Wrestling, rodeo 132- wrestling, rodeo, baseball 138- (2 guys here) wrestling only. Other wrestling and lacrosse 145- football, wrestling, track 152- football, wrestling 160- football, wrestling, stock car 170- football, wrestling 182- football, wrestling, track thrower 195- football, wrestling, stock car 220- football, wrestling 285- football, wrestling, track thrower
  11. I remember a Portage Lawrence North match I think. Mid 2000’s. Feels like maybe 145. Portage was down maybe 4 or 5 with less than 10 seconds to go. Lat drop to send it to OT. Names escape me now. Maybe Biddle?
  12. Not quite in the "best to never make it to state" category, but Austin Heckman of Edgewood was a 4x semi-state qualifier and 3x ticket rounder. His losses at semi-state were: Joe Lee Brayton Lee Nathan Conley Jake Schoenegge He asked me for film on Brayton Lee his sophomore year I said "just check flowrestling. It's all over the place."
  13. 2014 State Finals That particular match is at the 2 hour 30 minute mark. It's worth the watch!
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