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  1. Today was an awesome day of wrestling at the Team State Duals. I was at the 3A tournament and was checking results all day from the other 2 locations. The team aspect of a good dual is one of the best parts of wrestling. Watching wrestlers sacrifice to cut a few extra pounds or willing to bump up a weight class to sacrifice for their team to try and get the win is really selfless. Watching teammates erupt from a pin and also watching teammates congratulate their teammate for getting beat by 13 and saving 2 team points is fun to watch. In a year where we were told to stay away from
  2. It is my understanding they will be both live and archived.
  3. Back in the spring, there was a vote taken for the final two spots, plus a "next team in" scenario.
  4. The Health Department isn’t worried about how many people are in the county. They are worried about how many people are in one specific area ( like a gym) at a time. our gym has capacity of 200 right now. We can get more in our 2nd gym. It’s not a fool proof plan. There are issues with coaches and bussing for sure. But we may have to be creative this season. If half the wrestlers are in the building and half at another building, that would appease the Health Department. This may not be in the best interest of the tournament, I’m just throwing ideas o
  5. I mean same date. You take 106-145. Penn takes 152-285
  6. Is it worth waiting at least a month? Wait and see how the Health Department might change in a month? Work with a neighboring high school and host 7 weights each?
  7. This is currently being solved. Not that I want to not give information, but I also don't want to give information out prematurely. But we have been working with FW Coliseum to see what we are capable of and also finding schools that would be good host schools if they are not capable of meeting our needs. Should have answers very soon.
  8. It will definitely be a discussion at the IHSWCA clinic tomorrow and Friday. I think it will be a huge benefit to talk to other coaches, but to also see what kind of guidance Robert Faulkens may provide. We have talked about these groups of 4 pods at our schools, but even then my admin mentioned how they couldn't be around each other in the locker room, at meets, on the bus etc for contact tracing. Nearly an impossible position.
  9. My favorite post in a long time is hearing a dedicated wrestler trying a different sport! it’s what we preach to other sports to come try wrestling. If nothing else, the mental, break will be nice for him.
  10. The fall to winter thing really just won’t work I don’t believe, unless you were to do like October, November, December for Fall sports. January and February are just too cold for outdoor sports. Winter to spring makes sense, And spring to summer, but I don’t know how fall sports will work in winter.
  11. The vote took place Monday evening: 4A (Did not require a vote as the 2 teams were so far ahead in points) Carmel Avon 3A Roncalli 2A Boonville Norwell 1A Southmont South Adams It's going to be an exciting tournament.
  12. The last I checked, The IHSWCA vote was 17% of coaches wanted it reduced to 13 weights.
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