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  1. Loss of Control, E1 Red. Green had a whizzer in only at the very end when they were declared out of bounds. In this situation green does have a whizzer but they are not even hip to hip. E1. Lets take it a further step. lets say green started on top, and they ended in the same situation but green is in red's shoes... what do you have here?
  2. I don't know what the rules were back then, but now, you can just throw in the towel and let the official know that you're done even if you're on recovery time. Basically, to win for DQ for an illegal hold you have to use all of recovery time, but if you chose not to continue you're losing by default.
  3. Will take place Sunday of ISWA state Finals in Notre Dame Academy HS in the Chicago Area.
  4. I love this idea. top two refs from each sectional(4) get to regionals, top three refs from reach regional(4) go to semi state, and top three of each semi state(12) go to state finals(12). It will def eliminate the bad ratings some referees do get which handicaps them from moving up and doing a State Finals.
  5. Mainly only D1 programs, big tourneys in all the other divisions; like NCAAs regional, and nationals do they use this, as well as the Big Conference tourneys (Big 10, BIG 12, ACC, MAC, PAC 12, ETC). The problem with having it in high school is that coaches already take officials to the table enough for "clarifications" of a rule, having video review will only extend matches longer and will stop the flow of the match some more...
  6. No, I do not believe it will hurt. However, I believe we are really far from using Video Review when we have other flaws to fix first in the sport of wrestling. I wish we were able to use Video Review but we can't even get wrestlebacks for crying out loud lol
  7. I agree with most of the things that you mentioned. I am trying to figure out how to get rid of a few 1's that I am getting every year from coaches lol. I thought I was better than a 1 for all the hard work, effort, dissecting my matches and others matches, and staying "FIT" all year round would at least give me a 2 haha.
  8. We don't need to have replay review to get calls correct on the mat. what we need is consistency across the whole state on situations that each official may come across during the season and be better prepare to make those calls with the second officials support or opinion. The disconnect that I have seen the last couple of years is the inexperience of some officials that do not get to see enough of those crazy situations often, and not preparing or anticipating those situations... which could be illegal cutbacks, cut blocks, hands to the face, hip to hip early take downs, take downs not beyon
  9. If you're referring to the Calhoun late takedown, NO TAKEDOWN. I am not in favor of any wrestler at all, just stating my opinion. A lot can happen in this situation, and there is no evidence of enough control to award the TD.
  10. I was at the Al Smith and I was the official most of the Day on Mat one. Name is Leo Mercado, and I truly work really hard to make sure I stay consistent with the rules of our sport and apply them like the rulebook states to apply them. I typically don't like to throw jabs at anyone and I hope that this doesn't come out as a jab to anyone or anything; but I truly work hard to make sure my signals, mechanics, interpretations, and rules applications of the sport are delivered clearly and consistent throughout the whole match in the whole entire arena, so that even the deaf man at the nosebleed s
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