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  1. I have noticed in multiple instances ( for example the 120lb semi finals of state this Year) the referee didn’t call the illegal move until he realized Bettich was slow to get up. I’ve realized the referees won’t call illegal moves unless they notice the wrestler looks injured and they change the call.
  2. Hate to nitpick but I think this was 2 years ago. I also respect what EastNoble did that day though.
  3. Looking at the countless questionable and controversial calls in every state finals. Why can’t we have instant replay for Highschool wrestling? Especially at the higher levels.
  4. I’m just stating unforeseen circumstances can allow for a wrestler who was believed to be seriously injured earlier an opportunity to finish the day after an injury default. I do agree though, that some coaches would advise their wrestler to stay down and take the injury default even if they aren’t hurt.
  5. I agree having a match forfeited under the lights would not be good for the sport. I think different circumstances can allow for things to happen (like wrestlers competing after an injury) The spectators don’t hear the conversations on the mat (with the coaches and trainers and wrestler) and they don’t get to what goes on behind the scenes.
  6. 2 that I can think of without looking Is East Chicago 138 in 2017 & New Castle 145 a year ago.
  7. wnwrestler138


    Shayne Tierney
  8. Are you gonna keep the same format for the girls side too?
  9. wnwrestler138

    West Noble vs. Angola

    West Noble
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