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  1. wnwrestler138


    Ryan Rasler
  2. wnwrestler138


    Tytus Morrisett
  3. wnwrestler138


    Ryan Rasler
  4. wnwrestler138

    Joseph Walker

    Joseph Walker is a stud! Even wrestling while noticeably injured.
  5. wnwrestler138


    Isaac Weimer
  6. wnwrestler138


    Isaac Weimer
  7. wnwrestler138

    12/1 Results, upsets and great matches

    I’ve known sliv for a few years now and I know he wouldn’t do something like this. He is a very cool headed, laid back, calm dude.
  8. wnwrestler138

    12/1 Results, upsets and great matches

    Weimer over boots 3-0
  9. wnwrestler138

    Preseason Mag?

    Where’s the magazine?
  10. wnwrestler138

    Sneaker heads

    The real question is, why isn’t your twitter on nightmode?
  11. wnwrestler138

    Team State Vote-In Results

    Considering you only have 6 regional qualifiers it should make sense as to why you were not voted in. Only a little over half of your returning starters are even regionals qualifiers.
  12. wnwrestler138

    Strategy Question - Hunt vs Slivka

    Sliv is a hammer on Top. That’s why
  13. wnwrestler138

    Live Bracket Reaction Thread

    Don’t sleep on jonyvan Johnson. Took a tough loss to cressel but he was very sick this past weekend.
  14. wnwrestler138

    POTENTIAL ticket round matches

    Exactly why I thought it should be included.

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