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  1. It's not about the complaints. It's about getting the best 4 kids from each semi- state. Period.
  2. Entire topic is a moot point if the semi-sttate had wrestlbacks. The entire philosophy of why we love wrestling so much is because in this sport bias is put to rest. With a 6 minute match every wrestler has an opportunity to earn their spot on the roster and then compete to qualify for the next level of competition. Unfortunately here in Indiana the spectator is held above the sport. IMO the top 4 should be representatives of their schools and families by their earned accomplishments in the tournament, not on a formulation and a possible bad draw.
  3. Indiana wins team division! Still don't know scores or individual stats. Got some pretty wicked Gladiator helmets.
  4. As of right now the Outlaws are 5-0 with 2 matches left today. If anyone is there could you send some team and individual results?
  5. Is this all high school or is middle school there also?
  6. Do the Indiana teams wrestle both of the Illinois teams or is it just one dual.
  7. True second is pointless and a non factor if the kids are properly seeded. The committee that is the IHSAA needs to be wise and listen to counsel. Counsel being the guys that have an unbelievable amount of results and experience to list the rankings.
  8. Kemper by fall Dunn by major Whitaker by major Mappes was outclassed but still battled 13-6 loss to Forte. Great job guys!
  9. All of southwest indiana are closed.
  10. That is the worst explanation. So now they are admitting to having 2 sets of brackets in front of them looking and making a concerted effort on which one to use. Look! Good luck to all of the elite wrestlers that have advanced. You are the best of a very special group of athletes. I hate politics. (In a garfield the cat voice)
  11. So basically the initial brackets posted last night were correct? But, some coach said "hey someone got a hold of the formula for the brackets there could have been some foul play. Maybe we should redo this one and that one". And you did!
  12. This just shows you that the people in charge get brackets done take a look and if it's not what they want,"eh" just re-shuffle! Ooh! "That's better" let's go with this one!
  13. Now #1-#2-#3 all on the same side. Works out good for Penn and Yorktown
  14. Now #1-#2-#3 all on the same side. Works out good for Penn and Yorktown
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