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  1. A great day of wrestling! A lot of fun matches that were very entertaining! Hayhurst/Newman and also the Fulks/Madden and the Anderson/Ramsey match, to name a few. It's unbelievable that this event was even able to take place with the current pandemic. A special thanks to everyone that worked their butts off to make this a reality behind the scenes. Form the Kemper family congratulations to the many wrestlers heading to Jasper.
  2. Luke tore his ACL December 29th at Martinsville. Will have surgery next Wednesday. But he's only 15, so no urgency. He's got a great attitude and is already focused on a recovery!
  3. Wednesday November 25th at Central High School in Evansville Indiana we now have an open spot. Teams that will be at the tournament are Evansville Central Jasper Bosse Looking to add a 4th team to make it a triple dual. Anyone interested please contact me Jason Kemper at Kmperclan@yahoo.com. Weigh in will be at 8:00am CST.
  4. Once again I agree with what you are saying. The true second is a different animal. And being under the lights going for the tile of State Champion is the goal. But in several occasions. Nick Lee vs Micic comes to mind. Being on the same side of the bracket and losing to Micic do you think Lee would've wanted the opportunity to be State runner up or was satisfied with 3rd? Idk I'm looking at getting the best kids into their proper placement.
  5. True. Just like our middle school state has true seconds. Not every weight class would use the true second match. But for those that fall between the cracks it is a catch all. Then we have the top performers and the athletes performance is the goal not an awe factor of upsets and kids going home from a bad draw. IMO
  6. Also the NCAA tournament is not a one and done like our state tournament or the ticket round without wrestlebacks in semi-state. Every year the best of our state is not all on the podium.
  7. Because even though seeding is a huge improvement it's not perfect. And every wrestler competing should have the opportunity for the highest placement.
  8. Agreed. Indiana definitely puts the entertainment value before the athletes potential. I have no problem with the regional format except the fact of no wrestle backs. The semi-state and state should be seeded with wrestlebacks and true seconds for the State finals. Anything less is an obscenity to many wrestlers that have put in the time and blood sweat and tears to the sport
  9. It's not about the complaints. It's about getting the best 4 kids from each semi- state. Period.
  10. Entire topic is a moot point if the semi-sttate had wrestlbacks. The entire philosophy of why we love wrestling so much is because in this sport bias is put to rest. With a 6 minute match every wrestler has an opportunity to earn their spot on the roster and then compete to qualify for the next level of competition. Unfortunately here in Indiana the spectator is held above the sport. IMO the top 4 should be representatives of their schools and families by their earned accomplishments in the tournament, not on a formulation and a possible bad draw.
  11. Indiana wins team division! Still don't know scores or individual stats. Got some pretty wicked Gladiator helmets.
  12. As of right now the Outlaws are 5-0 with 2 matches left today. If anyone is there could you send some team and individual results?
  13. Is this all high school or is middle school there also?
  14. Do the Indiana teams wrestle both of the Illinois teams or is it just one dual.
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