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  1. I think you lost half your farm.
  2. Wow. I wasted all that brain power on predictions. I really didn't have it to spare.
  3. As long as they are wearing a mask, they should be safe from everything.
  4. Feel free to shred me on these picks. I am pretty ignorant.
  5. 285: Popa Jasper Ralph MD. ORRRRR could be anyone else.
  6. 220: Reitz and Farmer Memorial in the finals.????
  7. 195: Schuetter Jasper should have this one. Don't even know who MD has here. Three different kids have wrestled for the Cats this year.
  8. 182: Sollars MD and Reff Castle in the finals. Should be a dandy.
  9. 170: Most interesting class at this tournament. Purdy Castle and Kemper Central for the championship. Weidner MD could play spoiler, but I don't think so.
  10. 160: Baumann. Too much for anybody here.
  11. 152: Farmer Memorial favored. Watch out for Fitts MD though.
  12. 145: Hayhurst MD Giesler Jasper. Both ranked in SS. Should be a dandy.
  13. 132: Freeman's world. All the rest battling for 2nd.
  14. 126: Williams Memorial is the clear favorite.
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