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  1. Haha
    MD92 reacted to PhillyFanMD in Michigan at Penn State this Friday   
    Go Wolverines!!!  Down Cael and his boys
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    MD92 reacted to PhillyFanMD in Evansville North Regional   
    The real question is who is gonna be 2nd.  Go Wildcats!
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    MD92 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Article: #WrestlingWednesday: Dickens and Lee are looking for gold   
    Matt Lee and Eli Dickens are practice partners in the Evansville Mater Dei wrestling room. They are good friends, they are both juniors and they are both ranked No. 1 in their respective weight classes. The similarities don’t end there.
    The two are soft spoken and humble. They have extremely similar voices, so much so that it’s hard to differentiate them if talking on the phone. They both have a 3.9 grade point average.
    “On the wrestling mat they both like to push the pace,” Wildcat head coach Greg Schaefer said. “They are both students of the sport and they love fine tuning techniques. They are both competitive. They don’t like giving up anything. They just push each other and the other guys in the room.”
    In fact, the two are so similar that coach Schaefer has a hard time finding any differences.
    “I don’t really know how they are different,” Schaefer said. “There isn’t a lot of differences that I know of. There are a lot more similarities than differences.”
    Lee also struggled to think of a difference.
    “We are pretty similar,” Lee said. “We are really good friends and practice partners and our styles are similar.”
    Dickens was the only one that could offer up some differences between the two.
    “I guess the main thing that separates us is our setups,” Dickens said. “He is more of a high crotch guy and I’m more of a getting ankles and sweep singles kind of guy.”
    Lee, who is the younger brother of Indiana legends Joe Lee and Nick Lee, is currently 30-0 on the season and holds the top ranking in the 145-pound class. He finished seventh the last two years in a row and is hoping to climb the ladder more this year.
    “It was a good feeling to place at state,” Lee said. “But you can’t be truly satisfied unless you get first. It’s always good to be at the top. I was happy to place, but I wanted more. I was hungry for more. That pushed into this year and drives me.”
    Being the younger brother of Nick (won state in 2015, now wrestles for Penn State) and Joe (won state in 2016 and 2017) hasn’t put a lot of pressure on Matt.
    “People always talk about the pressure of being their younger brother,” Matt said. “I don’t feel that pressure. I talk to them and they give me advice. They help me as much as I allow them to. I keep them as a source of information. I don’t pry them to learn everything they know, but if I need help I can always go to them.”
    Matt said watching Nick wrestle for Penn State makes him nervous.
    “I’ve heard how it’s hard on parents to watch their kids wrestle sometime and watching Nick wrestle I know what they are going through now,” Matt said. “I didn’t understand that before. I get more nervous for Nick’s matches than I do for any of my own.”
    Dickens has not placed in state so far, but he did qualify last year. This season he defeated former No. 1 ranked Elliott Rodgers 4-3 and that catapulted him to the top spot in the 152-pound weight class.
    “It was pretty amazing to see that I was ranked No. 1,” Dickens said. “I try not to think of it too much, but it was exciting. It gave me more confidence and belief in my ability. I knew that I could beat anyone, but that just solidified that idea in my head.”
    One big key for Dickens is that he doesn’t have to worry about his weight like he did last season. He feels that has helped him to be stronger and not focus so much on the weight aspect of the sport.
    “I had a huge growth spurt last year where my body wanted to grow mid-season,” Dickens said. “This year I’m wrestling up three weight classes and I feel so much healthier.”
    Matt is currently 30-0 on the season and Eli is 31-2, with both of his losses coming to out of state wrestlers.
    Both Matt and Eli are hoping to wrestle in college, but neither have decided where they want to go.
    Matt enjoys watching television, playing games and watching movies on weekends when he’s not wrestling.
    “I’m a pretty average kid,” he said. “Probably my favorite thing to do is eat, but you can’t do a lot of that during the season. I just like to try to find fun in the small things. I’m just normal and I like hanging out with my friends.”
    Eli enjoys going to his Bible study on Wednesday’s with his youth group.
    “I feel that it really builds me spiritually and gets my mindset right,” he said. “I focus on God and the bigger picture.”
    The two will compete Saturday in the Evansville North regional.
    “I don’t want to sound boring,” Schaefer said. “But they are both just awesome kids that work really hard. I hope they are able to accomplish their goals.”

    View full article
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    MD92 reacted to piscis1956 in Incorrect Regional bracket-132 Perry Meridian   
    I don’t think he was trying to get it fixed here.  He was just trying to be informative to those fans who might be printing the bracket.
    Then he was trying to say he was sure they would be fixed without his interference as he was confident the AD and/or coach would catch it.
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    MD92 reacted to slice60 in Rules question   
    My Dad is a retired Athletic Director. For tournament events, he paid every worker (except concessions which the Band worked to earn funds).
    News alert-- If you have volunteered to be a timer or scorekeeper for a Sectional or Regional, your Athletic Director is either clueless or taking advantage of your generosity because YOU SHOULD BE GETTING PAID.
    The host site is responsible for obtaining competent (adult...see below) scorers, timekeepers, etc & the cost for those tournament expenses is covered by the gate receipts or the IHSAA if there is a deficit.
    Here are some excerpts from:
    2018‐19 Wrestling Tournament Series General Rules:
    The center school shall provide and be responsible for tickets, ticket takers/sellers, ushers, announcers, scorers, timekeepers, all necessary equipment for conducting the game or contest, necessary facilities for the competing teams and those directly affiliated with the competing teams (such as the principal, athletic director, coaches, student managers, etc.), facilities for spectators/fans and crowd control (hereinafter known as the local arrangements).
    Officials A. Bench officials, etc. are to be selected by the center principal and tourney director. Only qualified adult help shall be used as official scorekeepers and timers.
    Financial Terms A. Sectionals and Regionals 1. Tournament expenses such as officials, help, etc. shall be paid by the center school from the gross receipts.
    IHSAA shall reimburse center school when a deficit occurs.
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    MD92 reacted to SWINfan in Nebraska at Penn State Jan 20th - Chad Red vs Nick Lee Round 2   
    It's comical that you are telling me to take it easy it's only a board, when it was your panties that got in a bunch in the first place.  You told me to study and learn, when nothing I stated had anything to do with a lack of knowledge.  You didn't give your opinion, you questioned others knowledge and whether they were an elite wrestler and you didn't like someone's use of the word flaw because you don't "prescribe" to it in reference to wrestling.  
    You got in my craw because you made invalid criticisms and came off like you knew more than everyone else, not only to me.  I can live with what I post here.  I know the limits of my knowledge and know when it is appropriate to ask questions.  And I do recognize awesomeness.  I just haven't seen any of it in your posts.
    Have a great day.  It's just a message board, right Luke?
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    MD92 reacted to PhillyFanMD in Evansville Semi-State Rankings #4   
    Boarman ranked ahead of Littell at SS but not entire state?
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    MD92 reacted to Y2CJ41 in State Rankings #6   
    Dear Mr. Sandwell,
    I appreciate your genuine concern or most likely your attempt to degrade everything IndianaMat does. Please keep it up as you seem to really love to complain. When you start your own website I will gladly come on and complain about font sizes and why you have things certain ways.
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    MD92 reacted to PhillyFanMD in Team State Predictions???   
    Mater Dei all the way
  10. Haha
    MD92 reacted to Mr.Claus in 3A Team State   
    It’s kind of like asking why hasn’t Avon won a high school state title. They  consistently have the best elementary team. They have won almost every elementary state, won middle school state, and have several triple crown winners. It’s also in <Pound Sign>HendricksCountySmellsFunny
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    MD92 reacted to meiteljorge in 3A Team State   
  12. Haha
    MD92 reacted to PhillyFanMD in #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei   
    Boarman finishes the night with fried Falcon wings!  
  13. Haha
    MD92 reacted to WrestleMan in #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei   
    So Perry gets a fall at 182 because Clayton is a "big move guy", but Mater Dei can't get a fall at 113, 120, 126 or 132? Also Perry seems to have two guys who "show up in dual meets". I guess the Mater Dei guys don't care about dual meets. 
    Seems like fair, unbiased reporting. 
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    MD92 reacted to PhillyFanMD in 12/15 Notable wins and upsets   
    MD 113 backup taking Brownsburg starter is biggest "upset" in my book
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    MD92 reacted to PhillyFanMD in #2 Perry Meridian vs. #4 Mater Dei   
    “No one goes into our house and pushes us around”..........Mike Goebel
  16. Haha
    MD92 reacted to SWINfan in Super 32   
    Your posts give me a freaking headache!  Why not try English and not referring to yourself in 3rd person 6x per paragraph as if you are super important?
    I'll just ignore them from now on, but just so you know, doing it the way you are is making it harder on yourself.  But do it your way.  Sorry if I ruffled your panties.  
  17. Haha
    MD92 reacted to 1prouddad in Las Vegas- Seniors. Juniors, Veterans, etc   
    It would disappear as fast as it showed up on screen. 
  18. Confused
    MD92 reacted to 3xStateChamp in Indiana Mat 101   
    This means Pistol can remind you, your still in Cell Block Avon of TheCounty Pit of Misery multiple times now. LOL  
    A Friendly Message from the Notorious TeamGarcia  
    Wooooooo..... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! 
    Pistol Pete 
  19. Haha
    MD92 reacted to JMILL in Reasons why IN mat is terrible   
    different situation, that name clearly fits you and I am sure you were in the group previously eluded to by Y2.  Come at me Bro (one of my fav commercials)
  20. Thanks
    MD92 reacted to SWINfan in 2017 vs. 2018   
    That's totally untrue.  Brayton finished higher than Joe in ONE tournament.   Joe has a better off-season resume.  I'll list a few accomplishments below.  But the bottom line is we are splitting hairs here.  Every time I correct someone or provide accurate information, I feel like I am making a case for Joe.  I'm not!  I think both are excellent and I truly think they would split a series of matches.  But let's at least speak the truth....
    2016 Joe finished 2nd at UWW Cadet Freestyle Nationals, making it to to a best of three finals, losing to David Carr.
    2016 - Brayton finished 3rd in the same tournament one weight class down
    Joe is a Fargo Cadet Freestyle National Champ July 2015
    Brayton finished 3rd at the same event, one weight down
    Joe finished 2nd at US Open Junior Freestyle Nationals 2017 - Joe avenged his earlier loss to David Carr in the semis then dropped the final to Griffin Parriot
    There is another national tournament Joe won but I can't find it.  It was a tournament on Flo not TW.  
    So 2 National Titles for Joe.  
    They both have great resumes, but to say Brayton has consistently performed better on the national level is just inaccurate.

  21. Thanks
    MD92 reacted to rhayes in Wow - Fattore pinned himself!   
    The picture posted on this thread shows it well. If you all really knew the pinning area  (it is not the shoulder blades!!), he was definitely pinned. Take a look at the rule book and you will see the pinning area is more than half way down the back. When I give coaches/official's clinics, this is the one most are surprised to learn. 
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    MD92 reacted to runner-up in Wow - Fattore pinned himself!   
    I am having the same issue. I was wandering how close this call was.
    I will say, I see a lot of folks on here calling out officials today. I was fortunate enough to advance my career past high school and wrestled Divison III for 4 years. After that, I was lucky enough to get as an assistant coach with a program with an experienced high school coach. There we sent multiple kids to the state tournament and I was privileged to coach under the spot light. I got out of coaching and made the leap into officiating leap this past fall. I passed he took the certification test with 98 %, spent about 10-12 hours in class with experienced officials going over the rules and interpretations before the season started. I’ve read and reread through the rule book and case book, annotating each page. I search YouTube and FloWrestling for tough calls and try to figure out my rational for how I would call it. I’ve attended every official association meeting where we discussed some of the tricky situations we’ve seen and participated in countless debates about how the rules are interpreted and applied. I thought I was ready to be a great official.
    Guess what...it is very hard. I’ve blown some calls this year. All the preparation, decades of competition and coaching, and a dedication doesn’t make me a perfect official. I don’t diserve to be out there with a whistle today. I haven’t earned it yet.
    The guys that are officiating today are Indiana’s best. They have decades of reffing experience and know the rules better than 99.9 % of the coaches, wrestlers and fans. They aren’t perfect, but they are the best we have.
    Officials don’t want to be part of the match. They want to award points, raise  some hands, prevent any injuries and get back home to their families.
    Matches at this level are tough to call. Rewrestle the 138 pound semi finals 3 more times and I bet you’d come up with atleast 2 more different results.
    Cut these guys some slack and thank them for their hard work, dedication, and willingness to step out there and make the tough calls that only a small number of people are qualified to make.
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    MD92 reacted to Brian in B Lee class act   
    I'd rather see falls than constantly cutting opponents loose.
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    MD92 reacted to 1prouddad in Evansville North Took The Regional From Castle--How Did It Go?   
    Let's be honest for a second. You NEVER gave North a chance before it even started as apparent by your previous postings. Their concessions moved freely. The restrooms were far superior than that of Castles. They were clean and always had supplies much unlike Castles. I sat near the lower level and the view was great. Yes, there was a hiccup with getting the matches in order at first, but were quickly ironed out. If a little walking is against your likings, you must really hate having to walk a couple blocks to get into Ford Center. 
    North-   A-
    Hook- D+
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    MD92 reacted to scott46123 in 2018 Hypothetical IN All Star Matchups   
    Would have been fun to see Brayton Lee vs. Joe Lee this year...
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