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Everything posted by horseofadifferentcolor

  1. I happened to be flipping through the channels at the right time and DVR'ed the last 90 minutes! Looking forward to watching!
  2. I believe that is a result of his injury default in the second round of the Marion County tournament.
  3. The score of the match was 14-7. It appeared Keiffer was not accustomed to the new starting procedure as he gave up at least three points (five cautions) on starting infractions.
  4. My understanding is that transportation costs played a role in at least two schools dropping the Cathedral event. Curious if other teams are facing similar pressures to find matches closer to home due to cutbacks in funding affecting transportation budgets?
  5. Should make for an interesting and fun six way in early Dec when Warren visits Cathedral...
  6. Unfortunately the combine is NOT open to the public. >
  7. I've heard of "Torched Chair" around here, but this is the first tortured chair I've seen!
  8. Just spoke with Athletic Secretary moments ago (8:47am Friday morning) and all signs point to having the Cathedral six way on Saturday. If I hear anything different, will be happy to post.
  9. Don't forget The Spaghetti Factory!! Fill you up with some nice pasta and not too expensive! Love that Mizithra Cheese...now I'm hungry!
  10. I know Crawfordsville was there for several years. Missed last year, so not sure if they are still in.
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