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  1. I definitely think the emphasis on mat cleanings paid off this season! I think I saw just two skin issues all year that weren't covered by appropriate paperwork and one of those just happened at a middle school dual.
  2. Sorry to say that the 2020 Spartan Classic has been cancelled.
  3. Pretty sure the rules in place at that time didn't allow for pins with the defensive wrestler entirely out of bounds...some of the pinning area had to be in bounds. That changed a couple years ago.
  4. 145 in 1988...solidly in the Heavyweight group now! BUT have dropped 25 lbs from my peak and trending in the right direction! Hoping to make 195 by next wrestling season!
  5. The Brebeuf opening has been filled by Cory Watkins.
  6. Brebeuf Jesuit (Indpls) Coach Mic Roessler has stepped away.
  7. I'm in favor of adopting both rules. Having reffed a few post-season tournaments that utilized the college out of bounds rule, it was GREAT for continual wrestling! There are obviously a few mats/situations that would require adjustments to out of bounds calls, but we already work with that currently.
  8. @Knightstown HS Sat 11/28 9am Start: Knightstown Union County Randolph Southern Monroe Central Eastern Hancock Connersville
  9. The correct form is now linked at the IHSAA website.
  10. Yes. This is the correct form. The old link has been brought to the IHSAA's attention.
  11. Oh, I don't think it had to be brought to their attention...it was tough to miss!! Hence, the round of applause from all around him!
  12. To add to the story about his short-lived noisemaker use at the Mooresville Regional, after about 2 minutes the PA announcer came on and (correctly) stated that noisemakers are not permitted at any IHSAA tournament event...and the WHOLE crowd erupted in immediate applause!
  13. Randolph Southern had three wrestlers at Union County this past Saturday and I was told they had two other wrestlers on the team but unavailable for the weekend. Coach Hosbrook was in attendance as well.
  14. Sorry, saw the answer to my question about the Convention Center discussed on the other (longer) thread.
  15. While I think the new and updated Pepsi Coliseum will be an excellent venue once they set their dates, I hope the Indy Convention Center has been explored? The Indy Nationals were held there a year ago and it was an outstanding venue! We had at least 12 mats down and room for plenty more. The seating was more than ample and could easily be added to as needed. Guessing it is not the most cost efficient...but parking is not an issue either. Guess it depends with what else is going on at that same time...auto show? Gamecon? Colts game? Just throwing it out there to make sure nothing is mi
  16. Have to second the Lafayette Jeff choice...sectional spread was outstanding! Plus have to give extra credit for the creative melon carving! I have a nice picture of it, but can't figure out how to post it on here!
  17. Bernard and Miller traded escapes in the 2nd and 3rd periods without a whole lot of action until Bernard secured a takedown mid-way thru the third. Miller got the quick escape and was close to a takedown of his own at one point. Bernard was given a stalling warning and appeared close to getting another near the end until he locked up a front headlock as the 3rd period ended.
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