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  1. iowawrestlingfan

    2013 Surprises

    Character is working hard when no one is watching. That doesn't mean go on the board and post how much work your kid has put in. Alot of kids work hard, and everyone wants to win.
  2. iowawrestlingfan

    Why we need a Team State Tournament

    Once again, Perry Meridian has no class. That comment is as classless as coach tonte's pimp suit at Bankers Life.
  3. iowawrestlingfan

    Team State Finals Discussion...

    Anyone remember the state semifinals a couple years ago when Willis said he couldnt wrestle? Karma..
  4. iowawrestlingfan

    NCAA Outstanding Wrestler

    If he had another leg he would probably be 149... and the cael sanderson thing is no comparison
  5. iowawrestlingfan

    Bubba Jenkins

    didnt mind the celebration in the finals, heck.. he just won the National Championship! But in the semis i didnt enjoy the lebron thing
  6. iowawrestlingfan

    NCAA Outstanding Wrestler

    I'm sorry and i know people will disagree with me, but robles' has the upper body of burroughs, and hes wrestling against mcdonough who is cutting some serious weight and is very skinny. Robles is a fantastic wrestler and a great kid, however, i feel for mcdonough
  7. iowawrestlingfan

    RankingsGuy's Freshmen to Watch in 2011-12

    I realize they have no district and i see your point... but, the harvey's are from New Pal, Bernard from Perry, Willis's school feeds into Ritter, and now a Beech Grove kid?? It never ends
  8. iowawrestlingfan

    RankingsGuy's Freshmen to Watch in 2011-12

    Cathedral picking up someone that lives nowhere near them.... thats a first. Looks like they pulled off yet another good recruit
  9. iowawrestlingfan

    Next YEAR

    Perry, Roncalli, Crown Point, Mishawaka, MD, HSE, ??
  10. iowawrestlingfan

    I really enjoyed the Team State era...

    Taking away team state would be ludicrous... the atmosphere at center grove on Saturday was incredible, and there was a full house. In fact, it was probably just as exciting as individual state IMO. Definitely helps when MD crowd is in attendance!!
  11. iowawrestlingfan

    Roach weighed in.....

  12. iowawrestlingfan

    state champ mckinley

    His shoulder popped out of place
  13. iowawrestlingfan


    Jackson is a stud.. but tsirtsis is so good his matches are boring to watch
  14. iowawrestlingfan

    Neal Molloy

    I would put my house on tsirtsis beating molloy.. let's not get carried away
  15. iowawrestlingfan

    Joe Kieffer GOT ROBBED

    I was sitting next to the clock. he got the takedown right when the clock hit zero, joe got completely screwed.. It is not fair to take away a kid's life time of work just because the side judge wasnt doing his job

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