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  1. Notre Dame College sponsors 22 varsity intercollegiate scholarship athletic teams. Falcon men?s and women?s teams compete throughout the Great Lakes Region and the nation in a busy schedule, from August through May. Among 53 four-year colleges and universities in the state of Ohio, only Ohio State (33 teams) has more athletic teams than Notre Dame. Falcon student-athletes come to College Road from all around Ohio, the Midwest, the nation, and the globe. In recent years, the Blue & White have earned many successes. Notre Dame student-athletes have attained All-America status on the pla
  2. Can't get schollarship money if you transfer within the Big 10 is my guess....It is official, I have an acquantance on the OU Squad that confirmed they (Howe & Rutt) signed last week
  3. I was always partial to: Top Gun Anthem Danger Zone- Kenny Loggins More than a feeling- Boston (all about the guitar solo) Under the Bridge- Red hot Chili Pepppers Heart Shaped Box- Nirvana Pinball Wizard and Baba O'Riley- The Who Kinda dating myself, not that 32 is old but these were all on my warm-up tape (yes, Tape) that never left my walkman in high school.
  4. I couldnt be there but my brother and his daughter were and to hear the pbp from him and watch it online was amazing. Brendens a great kid with a very bright future. Brenden (and Kayla) have inspired my niece to wrestle (already a fan, now wants to lace em up) and become a champion. Thanks Brenden, for being such a good person.
  5. ANy one give thought to the matter that maybe Phillips wanted a #1 right off the bat and he knew his risks, was willing to risk it and knew that by IDF his 3rd pl bout he would guarantee at least a semifinals rematch (barring upsets before hand) with Lecount. I dont know too many 2x State Champs that care too much what pl;ace they get if it isnt the top place. He's not going to the state tournament to medal, he's already done that. He is going to win a state championship and will have to eventually beat Ayersman, Lecount. Crume, etc. a.i. So it's an all or nothing attitude. I love it. A
  6. Stacks, Official Match Day Breakfast choice of New Castle Wrestling Coaching staff. Best coffee in town. I reccomend a greek omelette or the Chocolate Chip Pancakes
  7. I actually wrestled in Alaska in High School. The girl that won in 06 is Micheala Hutchisonand she comes from a wrestling family. I wrestled her oldest brother, who was a cadet AA. and 2x State Champ. Also, her older sister placed 3rd at 112 as a senior and fared well on the senior freestyle circuit until she decided to raise a family, and another older brother was a 4x state champ (won his 4th later the same night) and won a Junior Greco National Title. Shes wrestling at Oklahoma City U now and has a great shot at making the olympics. Having coached in Indiana, I would say yes, Indi
  8. Don't know much about Indiana Tech but Brooks, I am sure, knows what is best for him and the direction he would like his career to progress. I am sure he made his decision carefully and weighed several factors and took in advice from many around him. One can assume he may have been dissuaded based on his brothers experience at IU (He has quit, for at least this season...Heres to hoping he returns) to attend a DIvision 1 School.
  9. I met Brenden when he was in 8th grade when I had just left active duty Army and he told me he wanted to be a Navy Seal and go to the Academy. Proud of you Brenden and glad to see you still have your sights set on being THE best. Good luck at USNA, and god bless. And Go Army, Beat Navy
  10. John Rolling was an All American at Central Missouri State in 2001 and 2002 (4th and 7th, respectively). I believe he was a Carmel product
  11. You will always be a Veteran rdrodd1. Maybe a former servicemember, but always a vet. Thanks for your service. I have served overseas in the GWOT as have both of my brothers and my brother in law (who is retired due to injuries sustained in Afghanistan). I certainly hope this young man is able to make a full and complete recovery. I know full well the spoils of war in this respect and it can be a rough and rocky road. God bless the Bowman family and may they find the peace and understanding to deal with this difficult time in their life. Jason R. Richey
  12. Does it really bother you that much that NC gets on the mat that much? Does it bother you to see a kid develop himself not only as a wrestler, but in confidence and character? The only way to get better is to put in the time. How dare Peck put those kids on the mat and not produce. Spare me, RG ur such a jackwagon. I dont know who you are or your credentials (maybe you can enlighten me, since I dont know) but you're obviously past high school yet youre worried about who has more wins than who and how many state titles. You dwell on such topics as "inflated" records because a kid won 200
  13. FCF, Soup, don?t listen to that jerk. If you haven't spent time in New Castle's room, or with Peck then you?re talking out your rear. Rex gets the most out of his kids day in and day out. They work their butts off to get where they are. RG puts all of a coaches credibility on records and schedule. Seriously? This is HIGH SCHOOL GUY! A coach isn?t just a coach. Hess much more than that. They are a counselor, a mentor a confidant, even a parental figure. Many coaches go out of their way to make sure these kids have a fighting shot of making something out of themselves. I know on
  14. Im watching and all I can think is "this kids gonna hit a leg cradle......BAM!
  15. I thought I heard that all State finalists ate for free at Stacks...Too soon?
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