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  1. This will be my last post on the website. I know I have rialed a few guys up on here. Truth is I say outlandish things, because this is a message board without people being a little over the top there is nothing to really talk about. As soon as I was outted by Y2 and he linked me to my brother I realized I do not have any liberty to say what I want or what I feel on this site. My brother and I disagree on several issues as he has stated previously and I want to clear his name from any of this. Y2 to lump him in with me was a low blow. I am my own man I have my own opinions and I am aston
  2. My first post of the day was a call out of myself to coach Peck. I have said that it was unfair of me to attack him, because I do not know him personally. As far as wrestling 6 guys at team regionals I am not the only one offended, in fact your post calls in to question his integrity. I have at least since rebutted my statements. I woke up and realized he wasn't the one to fight against. He wasn't the first or the last to sit wrestlers in the team series. That being said I don't think it was the right thing to do and I never will. I also think classing team state is a great way to get
  3. I have personally never been to a meeting. Like I have stated before I am just a fan. A fan who wants whats best for the sport. I have also stated by no means should I be a spokesmen for the sport. The bluntness that I have stated things have done nothing but insight arguements within the board. Besides the fact that for a two week period I think we made headway on a classed team title.
  4. Say what you would like, but I stand by everything I have said and not the way in which I have said it. I can admit fault in a lot of different aspects of myself on this board. I really am for the team state and totally on board for the association. Anyone who dissagrees with me has every right to do so, but I am also entitled to my opinion.
  5. I would like to personally apologize for my comments. I get fired up about something and sometimes I type faster then I can think. I do not know Coach Peck personally and to attack his character is a low blow that I should be above. I am a passionate FAN with an attitude and although I am right 99% of the time I can sometimes say things the wrong way. That brings me to my next point, there are a lot of COACHes on here that want to get on the internet and say the association is horrible because of this or that. Truth is if we went to the meeting we would see what type of people they really
  6. Name: School: Goals within the organization: Lets see how many coaches we can get on record in the next ten days.
  7. Thanks for all the hard work It looks fairly good. My big question though, where are the Braves of Bellmont ranked?
  8. Agree with Y2 on this one. Next year will be a much better atmosphere though. Since it is held in the middle of the season and teams get to decide if they want to participate it is going to make for some great wrestling. No team will have any reason to forfeit wieghts or not wrestle to the best of their abilities. Expect big crowds and a lot of fireworks at the first ever classed team tourney. FYI- Coach Peck did not want to have a classed team tourney because he thought not enough schools would get to participate. Well last night he had his chance to participate and I think he showed h
  9. Thank you everyone for restoring this back to sanity. NNHS I have no problem with you being angry with not being able to honor a HOF worthy coach. That being said things are changing with the association and you can be up front and vocal. Not sure any of the rules to becoming a HOF member, but I would think a qualtity canidate that meets criteria would definatly be up for disscussion. If it wasn't in the past I hope you stick with it and maybe change a few minds within the organization. I do not know enough about your personal situation with the organization, but I can tell you they are s
  10. Regaurdless of our bickering on here we should all be able to agree upon one thing. That every head coach should be a part of the association. If wrestling ever wants to be treated like any of the other major sports we need to start acting like it. Football, Baseball, and basketball have nearly 100% of the coaches backing their association and we have less then 1/3. If we do not come together we loose things like team state while other sports continue to thrive because the coaches are at least fighting on the same side. Another reason to join is that it makes your student atheletes eligib
  11. Karl you were at a association meeting recently what did you think of the direction the association is going in? Do you see a significant change in the association or is this doomed to fail.
  12. If you jokers don't care about something then don't complain. Someone posted a suggestion and you just acting like who cares. If you want to bicker abbout what I say have fun at it but I am going to try and help the association move forward. If you don't want to be a part in the process then don't complain. Its as simple as that either get on board or shut you mouths about things.
  13. Coach Skinner, I just want to say I have been a fan of yours since creating a name on this board. You are a leader and I respect the fact that you are open to opinions of others. I also want you to know I am just throwing out ideas to better the association. I want to see as close to 100% membership as possible. Right now the association is starting to take huge strides in become a powerful organization. Next years team state will be the most attended event besides individual state and I am sure of that. That alone will show the demand for the team state that us as a state could never
  14. Couldn't disagree more with you NNHS. The association is whatever you make it. If you want to be very involved you can make some great improvements. If you want to sit back and just get academic all state honors for your wrestlers then thats great too. They have also started an awsome newsletter for members. There is a reason for everyone to become part of the association. The key is letting them know how you feel. We are not ALL working together to better the sport right now, but we have made some significant strides and it is the perfect time to join the organization. The IHSAA has o
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