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  1. The first few minutes of this had technical difficulties, so if you can't get it to play, just drag it over until sound starts. A big thank you to all our guests and sponsors that made this possible.
  2. Join us Friday afternoon as the excitement builds in another joint broadcast with IndianaMat and the state’s leader in wrestling coverage on the radio, WZBD. Rex Brewer, Mike Reiser, and I will be high above the lobby of Bankers Life Fieldhouse as the crowd gathers in anticipation of the doors opening to the public at 4:30, discussing Friday night matchups and everything involved with this year’s State Finals. We will be on air as soon as the kind folks at BLH let us in the building and we can get set up (approximately 3:30) and will go all way until roughly 5:00. Guests throughout the afternoon will include: Kevin Whitehead-the voice of the State Finals Legnedary coach Mike Goebel Official Jim Troyer Garrett head coach Nick Kraus and several other guest appearances. You can listen to the show live on WZBD 92.7 FM in the Decatur area or online using the TuneIn radio app (free of charge). You can also watch a live feed of the crowd growing as you listen to the show on Facebook Live or on Periscope via IndianaMat’s accounts. Don’t miss!!
  3. Great tournament but an awfully late night. Conference should have a good representation at semi-state and state this year
  4. Friday night at Maconaquah was filled with some great action and a lot of young ladies putting themselves on the line, but I wanted to share with all of you a photo I took that really hit me. Heritage High School hasn't (according to IndianaMat results) won a dual meet in the last four years and they are 0-47 in that time. But every time I see coaches Lockett and Martin, I am impressed at the way they run their program. They are full of energy and passion for their kids. I have seen it at home dual meets, at the ACAC duals and I saw it on Friday night. Heritage had one girl wrestling. One girl. Yet the entire team (almost, I think) and both coaches were in attendance and coaching their hearts out and laughing with their kids. This made a huge impression on me and I will be rooting for the Patriots the rest of the year. The whole team spent six hours in a gym to watch Amber Hoy wrestle four matches. Kudos to the Heritage team and to both coaches for the role they are playing in their program and congrats to Amber Hoy on her placement Friday night.
  5. I think I've followed the IHSAA long enough to confidently say that the IHSAA is nowhere close to making a change to anything close to what we're doing and if they ever do, they'll do it their own way and certainly not copy something a bunch of us came up with.
  6. Now that we've seen the changes to Team State, which teams will take the challenge of moving up in class? We probably all assume Cathedral and Mater Dei will move up to 4A. Will Franklin? Mishawaka? Or will they stay in 3A? Will any 2A teams take the challenge and move up to 3A? Will any 1A teams make the big surprise and go to 2A? (I don't see this one happening)
  7. Dual Ranking
  8. Date: 01/08/2020 Entity: IndianaMat Type: Dual Ranking Class: All 1. Indianapolis Cathedral 2. Evansville Mater Dei View full team ranking
  9. Warren Central
  10. Crown Point
  11. Brownsburg
  12. decbell1

    Brownsburg vs. Carmel

  13. Evansville Mater Dei
  14. Evansville Mater Dei
  15. Indianapolis Cathedral
  16. Indianapolis Cathedral
  17. Indianapolis Cathedral
  18. Dual Ranking
  19. Date: 01/08/2020 Entity: IndianaMat Type: Dual Ranking Class: 2A 1. Bellmont 2. Garrett View full team ranking
  20. Edgewood
  21. decbell1

    Wawasee vs. Edgewood

  22. decbell1

    Wawasee vs. Leo

  23. decbell1

    Norwell vs. Wawasee

  24. decbell1

    Norwell vs. West Vigo

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