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  1. Here is the first starting point mock up. West Lafayette HS Wrestling ring mock up.pdf
  2. Trust me he will have all the input and final decisions! I am hoping for more than a stock catalog ring.
  3. Does your school give individual State Championship and/or runner-up rings? Does your school pay for them? If so would anyone be willing to post a picture of your ring? My AD is wanting to design a ring for our Runner-up.
  4. This is the way the criteria was interpreted at the Lafayette Jeff sectional meeting last night as well. This is the seeding criteria from the winter bulletin and nowhere does it mention the number of wins vs opponents in the sectional field. I'm not sure how this is the interpretation? a. Head to head competition current year; (The wrestler with the most head to head wins gets the seed. If they have beaten each other an equal number of times, then the winner of the last match gets the seed. Head to Page 79 of 84 head is counted at any level of interscholastic competition. Matches against teammates are not counted for seeding purposes.); b. Record against common opponents; c. Semi‐State quarterfinalist, or higher in previous year IHSAA Tournament Series; d. Win percentage. A contestant with the best overall record (winning percentage) who has wrestled at least 10 matches; For seeding purposes, forfeits should not be included in a wrestler’s record. Just curious how many other sectionals did it the New way vs the way its been done for 50 years?
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