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  1. They are wrestling tough - were some tough losses, but also several kids with wins against previous losses in the season. I had multiple people come up to me and say - Purdue is looking great! We need to keep the momentum rolling - had to be one of the very top teams in wrestling to or above seeds. I believe all the qualifiers ahead of Penola when he took the mat is what propelled him to victory too! (Other than just being a hard-nosed wrestler)! Nobody wants to be left home, and TFM - he will be there next year too! Also kuddos to Nate Limmex for stepping up and giving it a shot - class
  2. I believe he came into head coach position late 2014 - so his full recruiting class was class of 2015 which would have wrestled in 2016. Assuming redshirts - his first FULL year of recruiting would be RSSophs right now.
  3. Purdue wrestling is going in the right direction, another top 20 Dual Ranking, and wrestling a tough schedule with CK in Vegas, South Beach Duals, and obviously the rigors of the BIG10 Schedule. FLO has Purdue kids Ranked at 125, 141, 157, 174, 197, (and would be HWT). That would be 6 (depending on the outcome of Streck). May not beat PSU, IOWA or OSU, but guessing will be pretty competitive with the remainder of the Big10, Improved results, will improve recruiting - and it is a cycle - Ersland has not even had time yet to complete a 4 year cycle. The kids coming in now - want to be ther
  4. Parriott was dealing with pneumonia for almost 2 months.
  5. Thinking they have a shot, if someone wants to get onboard with a program on the uptick and will surprise a lot of teams. Great group of guys, and getter better by leaps and bounds! Just knocked off ranked NC - and just moved up to number 22 in the coaches poll. This is a VERY young squad - only losing 2 starters next year! Building every year - with still some hammers sitting on the bench!
  6. Purdue will be going up next year - and year after that. To give you an idea of the teams @ Big 10 that have graduating placers at the tournament - Purdue falls in the bottom portion (along with Indiana) - so they have a lot of room for upswing. The teams next year once again appear to be Ohio and Penn State. Other than Ohio & Penn - Purdue has been pretty competitive with the teams graduating zero, and the teams graduating the most - will only make Purdue more competitive with next year, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska - will look completely different. Be patient - tides changing. Boil
  7. Purdue made USA Today NWCA college rankings as team @ 25. Hoping that will start them in rankings next year - and go up from there. They will be even stronger next year, and the following, etc.
  8. I will be there hoping to get a few placers at BIG 10 for auto qualifiers - weights I figure we have a shot 125 133 157 (If AG wrestling) 174 197 HWT 141 & 149 will have to wrestle really well
  9. Woods down to 184 next year. Just wrestled 197 @ open tournament a week ago.
  10. Iowa is the real deal - but so are Penn, & Okie State. Minnesota lost to Okie by the exact same score Purdue lost to Iowa - so Purdue is not alone in there steps to rebuild. The hiring of the two additional assistant coaches is going to go a long way in improving the Boilermakers. They know exactly what it takes to be a National Champion - and sure they will be doing what it takes every day. Their is still a lot of upside for most of the kids on the team - so I am sure you will see much improvement as the year goes on. When you are Gillman, Clark, or Sorenson - the additional improvem
  11. Great pick up - hats off to Tony and the crew! Boilermakers on the move!!
  12. All Purdue coaches nothing but class! They are working on building a team from top to bottom that is the best they can possibly put on the mat. If they can find someone better I am sure they will go after that kid first. Is it possible that the kids feeling slighted are not the best kid they are going after, hence having a little anger toward the coaches?
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTXYeRMKwHs Future Purdue Boilermaker
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