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  1. Looks like a ton of Indiana studs heading to IU! Awesome to be keeping in state kids home!
  2. jeffm

    Isaac Jordan to IU

    Well, tweet went out a few mins ago..looks like he is indeed coming home!! Angel doing work!
  3. jeffm

    Isaac Jordan to IU

    Has IU made this last announcement official yet? I can’t find anything .
  4. Coach Goldman retires at IU. Truly appreciate him giving my boy the opportunity to wrestle in the B1G.
  5. jeffm

    Lesnar vs. Snyder

    Snyder for me. One that I would have loved to have seen would be Snyder vs Stephen Neal from Cal State Bakersfield. Now that would be a match between two fast and athletic heavies!
  6. Hate to see the strangler go, but hoping Angel can make an immediate impact on our lower weights. Welcome home Angel!
  7. Pretty sure Indiana University is hosting the event. If you are talking about an actual website, I don't have that info. Sorry.
  8. Good stuff grappler119. Thanks,
  9. Awesome Disco. That has got to feel better than just talking about it on a forum, no? I would agree with your assessment on the conditioning aspect. Better conditioning allows more heart to come out. And I think IU's wrestlers for the most part did just that. Winning several close matches in the last period. I believe that is why we were able to creep up and take down the Gophers. Even in our losses you had the feeling that if we just had another 30 seconds... I was hoping to give tangible numbers in regards to wins this year vs. wins last year. I am not certain, but it seemed as though we had more wins as a unit this season than in years past. I tried to get those numbers off of wrestlestats but you cant go back to previous years as of now. Anyone know where else to find them? I would be curious as to the overall win totals year by year...
  10. jeffm


    Smooth I wasn't speaking to you about attacking when you joined the fray. That's why I stated that I assumed you have read how we got to this point in the thread. And no I am not "ok" with where we are at. I wish we could be where Penn State is today. Or Okie state, the list goes on and on. My main point is the way people feel the need to attack a program fighting to become relevant again. I have seen the power of a community effort first hand. And while some of my remarks on this thread were in fact passive aggressive, I truly mean it when I say you can help the program. I hail from California where they are closing programs down yearly (west coast). Grand Canyon University just closed shop last week. Cal state Bakersfield was on that very list a few years back. The community rallied behind the coach and we were able to save the program (with big help from Stephen Neal). And while my roll was minimal in it, I was a part of it and it made a difference. I can assure you that Goldman would not turn down help in most any form as long as it helped the program. Being in the B1G I can assure you there are plenty of people who support the program but don't know how to do it. I can also assure you simply stating your dissatisfied on a public forum won't do a thing. So why not take action? Why not help the change you and others call for? What is holding you back? I have had fun guys. Made my point several different ways and none of them have been taken the way I had hoped. I appreciate the fact that we all want IU to be great. I see the changes myself in he last two years specifically so maybe I see the cup half full. In the end, it's a program moving forward. Hopefully this time next year I can say "see, I told you so". Take care, Jeff Martin
  11. jeffm


    Coach, I'm not sure how IU can recruit higher than Oliver or Skatzka last year. Or a Weaver and Danishek the year prior. I don't have an answer on how to get better kids than that. Thus why I suggested the people on this thread to actually inject their expertise on the subject directly to the people that make those decisions. I am positive that no one in that room likes where they are at the moment. Smooth, I am assuming you have read the entire thread. If so, you would see how this has escalated to basically me saying stop complaining and actually DO something about it. I take personally anyone who hides behind a screen name and tries to destroy the credibility of another man, regardless who that man is. I don't owe Goldman or SIMMONS or Pascoe a thing. People think I am vested in the program? I am not. My son has a business relationship with IU. That is it. I do however have more respect for those who want to do rather than those that want to not do. Thus the reason I posted what you quoted. I wonder what response you would get if you actually did email the coaches and voiced your concern? It may lead to a tangible conversation as to where you made a difference in the program. An idea that perhaps Goldman, in his 25+ years of coaching never thought of. But to sit behind a keyboard and slash people who will never get on a forum such as this and defend themselves, I take exception to. That is it. To echo the words of Dingo, we all want IU to be a powerhouse program. We have different ways of expressing it. But we want it nevertheless.
  12. jeffm


    Appreciate that Brigade. I will heed your words. But I do believe that alumni and fans have a voice. There are many ways to help the program. And I am certain that some of those would be appreciated by the coaching staff. There are some really good things happening down in that wrestling room guys. It isn't all doom and gloom like some may suggest here.
  13. jeffm


    Then what actions have you taken to help the program?
  14. jeffm


    Just curious smooth, who did you talk to and what was the outcome? Did they tell you they just wanted to hang around the lower middle of the pack?
  15. jeffm


    I'm working on it Guru.. Lol. It's more of confusion for me as a human.. I was a three time JV league champ but never got the respect I felt it warranted. Now I'm old and fat and just want to be noticed.

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