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  1. Thoughts: Chad Red doesn't appear to be improving at all and has lost to every significant opponent this year. It appears to be only a matter of time until IU passes Purdue up. Angel has brought a totally different vibe. There's still a lot of straight on offense and guys struggling to create action, but I can see a definite change in the program. Micic looks like a champion to me. Poised and calm, he's straight up wrecking guys. He's on a Hodge type trajectory. He's 9-0 with 2 Falls, 2 TF, 3 Majors. The way he broke Pletcher was impressive.
  2. The Guru

    Rypel 2018-2019

    Drop out?
  3. The Guru

    Rypel 2018-2019

    Why isn't Rypel on the IU roster? https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/33/indiana/profile
  4. The Guru

    Isaac Jordan to IU

  5. How great would it be if Zadick landed at IU? The dude is an absolute wizard at teaching the sport. https://iawrestle.com/2018/08/09/mike-zadick-no-longer-on-isu-staff/
  6. What can we expect? How much has the time off affected his progress? Will he ever be the same wrestler? Do you think he projects as an AA?
  7. The Guru

    Nathan Boston

  8. straight up strangling dudes at the Scuffle. He tortured Cole Manley and broke him.
  9. The Guru


    I thought Jeremiah Reitz would perform better than that at the Scuffle. He ended up getting wrecked 19-3 by the App State kid.
  10. The Guru


    Nate Jackson gassed and quit as usual
  11. https://spark.adobe.com/page/AoNjdMKT1QHWc/ Ranked #13 by Flo
  12. The Guru

    IU next year

    Alex Tirapele was fired from Penn after 3 years... because they want to win. Goldman is a travesty and has never done anything for wrestling at IU or for the state of Indiana.
  13. Micic is a seriously dangerous bracket killer this year. Mark it down. Clark loses to Hall. Micic runs through Alber and Hall and drags Tomasello in to a grinder and wins to make the finals.

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