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  1. stateorbust

    Hot Mic mat 4

    What does the 2x shirt size have to do with anything? I wear a 2x and don't talk that way. Actually, I could get away with a 1x. But I like my shirts loose. Haha
  2. stateorbust

    Shawn Streck

    That stinks. I hope everything turns out ok. I don't understand the guilty until proven innocent approach that the university is taking tho. I know that Purdue has become an extremely liberal college as of lately, but if he is proven innocent in a court of law, then what about the time he has missed in the class room and on the mat because they treated him as guilty from the start. But, if he is guilty, then I hope he gets the help he needs to move past this and learn to deal better with his emotions. Either way it's sad to hear.
  3. stateorbust

    Shawn Streck

    He is not listed on Purdues roster. Any word on why? That is a huge loss if he's not wrestling this season.
  4. stateorbust

    Rypel 2018-2019

    It doesn't show him on the IU roster. Is he still at IU and/ or is he wrestling this season?
  5. stateorbust

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Yes, it will be on Flo.
  6. stateorbust

    Purdue 197

    I don't think Brunner is going to give up his position too easily to Woods or anyone else the way he has been tearing it up lately! http://news.theopenmat.com/college-wrestling-news/toms-college-wrestler-week-feb-20th-2017/61908
  7. stateorbust

    Purdue 2018 2019 2020

    The future is looking better with the recruits coming in and the new coaching additions.
  8. Congratulations on an award well deserved! This site has been a godsend compared to others in the past and present. Keep up the great work gentlemen, my hat is off to you!
  9. stateorbust


    I'm glad I'm not the only one not rooting for the big ten team, but Iowa makes it really hard to cheer for when they act the way they did. Hopefully Minnesota or Ohio State place really well in the NCAAs so Iowa doesn't win it either.
  10. stateorbust


  11. I talked to his dad earlier this season and he does have a torn ?CL don't remember which they said it was but that he was going to wrestle thru it since it's his senior year. They have talked about setting out every once in a while to not over do it with his knee. Let's just hope he is healthy come tournament time!
  12. http://www.cklvwrestle.comThe results are there now. also they are available on Flo if you go to the arena on the top of the page.
  13. stateorbust

    Purdue smokes Cal Poly 30-9

    I can't speak for the Guru, but based on what I saw Friday night I'd have to say that not all of the wrestlers are working the "Aggressive Always"mantra. There was a noticeable amount of stalling once a couple of the guys got a small lead. But, that was only with a couple of the guys I felt were wrestling that way. As for the rest of the guys, they looked extremely aggressive and hungry from start to finish. And also from the results of the Roadrunner Open, I'd say that they were wrestling very aggressive, based on the amount of bonus points they racked up. Excited to see if it will carry on thru the season.
  14. stateorbust

    Hwt starter for Purdue next year

    He's not on the team anymore. Possibly looking at different schools to continue his career.

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