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  1. Where is Streck wrestling at now? Last I heard someone said he was going to Oklahoma St.
  2. When are the at-large bids announced? I know I read it somewhere this weekend, but I can't find it anywhere.
  3. What is phycology? Is that a class that Mike Tyson is teaching? LOL Sorry. Just had to say that. Pretty cool to have him in the area.
  4. What does the 2x shirt size have to do with anything? I wear a 2x and don't talk that way. Actually, I could get away with a 1x. But I like my shirts loose. Haha
  5. That stinks. I hope everything turns out ok. I don't understand the guilty until proven innocent approach that the university is taking tho. I know that Purdue has become an extremely liberal college as of lately, but if he is proven innocent in a court of law, then what about the time he has missed in the class room and on the mat because they treated him as guilty from the start. But, if he is guilty, then I hope he gets the help he needs to move past this and learn to deal better with his emotions. Either way it's sad to hear.
  6. He is not listed on Purdues roster. Any word on why? That is a huge loss if he's not wrestling this season.
  7. It doesn't show him on the IU roster. Is he still at IU and/ or is he wrestling this season?
  8. We had home schooled kids at our high school playing sports with my kids, and all they had to do was take 1 class to participate.
  9. "4th place was pinned 66% of matches (37 of 56)" " Assuming your math is correct...of the folks you are proposing to exclude, 44% were competitive (they did not get pinned), and 5.4% (3 out of 56) beat the number one guy!" 66% + 44%= ? Not 100%, but 110%. Which is what we should always give when doing anything!
  10. I don't think Brunner is going to give up his position too easily to Woods or anyone else the way he has been tearing it up lately! http://news.theopenmat.com/college-wrestling-news/toms-college-wrestler-week-feb-20th-2017/61908
  11. The future is looking better with the recruits coming in and the new coaching additions.
  12. Griffen Parriot , a Purdue recruit finished 3rd at 66kgs. He lost his first match,then fought back to take his place on the podium. Looks good for Purdue to have a high schooler place that high.
  13. Definitely going to be the best dressed team, by a long shot!
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