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  1. UIndy is sending four to their national championships.. https://athletics.uindy.edu/news/2021/2/28/uindy-wrestling-qualifies-four-for-nationals-at-dii-super-regional.aspx
  2. I think the d3 ncaa set too high of a required participation % when considering all the different state rules .. I hate it fir the Indiana D3 guys , a couple had real shots of winning it for the 2nd year in a row !!
  3. The Division 2 national tournament starts next Saturday in Tiffin , Ohio for the University of Indianapolis with the Goal of the NCAA D2 championships in St. Louis , Missouri In March .. Good Luck to the Hounds and all the other collegiate Hoosiers in the post season .. https://athletics.uindy.edu/news/2021/2/19/wrestling-12-in-latest-nwca-coaches-poll.aspx?fbclid=IwAR16mwkjCXRzR7MKqUm7E208FZC3C9sjWOBtiRLgw9-9uxBOZL97zyDDNbU
  4. dawsdad


    Dawson Combest
  5. Team Garcia I seen on Friday that Micic has been injured and they expect him in lineup in the next week or so ... But time will tell
  6. dawsdad


    Is there update or is the brackets posted anywhere to see a recap?
  7. Chin whipper I totally agree that two of the teams in the conference choose not to participate in the hhc duals but then get higher seeds and haven't wrestled anybody... Look on this site for Seymour or bnl , there are hardly no results , nothing in tournaments.. Same thing happens in sectionals , this should be changed.... Just my opinion... Great day of wrestling
  8. I agree with the finals , some might be flip flopped 1st and 2nd... But we will see
  9. 106. Rooks, Gohl 113. Selmer,Combest 120. Jones, Nicholas , ??? 126. Young,Shuffit 132. Dowell,Brown 138. Castleberry,Crowl 145. Herron,Dempler 152. Lynch,Cole 160. Mowery,(looking good),Rodgers 170. Young,Frederick 182. Shephard,Turner 195. Redmond,Greiwe 220. Schoonover,Shepherd 285. Hickerson,Landrum Agree
  10. Well thanks , I thought it would have been posted or results , I heard it was a really good tournament..
  11. Is there brackets posted anywhere? Or can they be?
  12. Where are the brackets posted or located ?
  13. Great job CJ... Well deserved... Coach Red congrats as well...
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