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  1. Didnt see Victor Lee from Marion at the 195lb class at the New Haven semi-state????
  2. He lost to a Jay county kid and a Geurin Catholic kid. He told me that they were both really close matches. He didn't have his weight under under control at that time either.
  3. I think Maggard wins this pretty easily to be honest
  4. At 160 I like Bane from Richmond, that kid is tough as nails
  5. 106- JC Herring, Lechner, Smith, Robinette- JC prolly pins his way there 113- Wright, Summers, Anderson, Willson- 120-Ridgeway, Deardoff, Duchateau, Bullock (weak weight) 126-Davenport, Elmore, Gibson, Lechner 132- Maggard, Kellogg, Clark, Chreek 138- Smith, Hall, Trevino, Allen 145- Bracher, Bayless, Moore, Hetzner 152-Sturgill, Hardcastle, Carmona, Meggison 160-Harrison and who ever else (I can't believe that a forfeit made it through) 170- Moore, Barbury, King, Cressell 182-Sedwick, Touloukian, Hossholder, Bradly (Pretty weak overall) 195-Elliot, Hobbs, Herrera, Eckrote 220- El
  6. Some good matches from last week: Davenport beat Elmore, looking forward to a rematch this week; Herring pinned Lechner and looks really good; and Perkins beat Hodge in a great match that most of the crowd stuck around for, it went all overtimes and Perkins escaped. I am really looking forward to these rematches at the regional. Anyone think there will be any other good match-ups this weekend?
  7. Herring looks really good! Eliot pinned the Elwood kid who had 2 losses. Davenport beat Ethan Stephenson of Miss by 3. The section at Oak hill at 126 is pretty tough! Chad Elmore is the one seed, Davenport is 2, Western kid is 3... Stephenson got a 5 seed and is capable of an upset... He needs one if he is going to get out of the toughest weight class in the sectional.
  8. I would say that NHC (Belmont, Columbia City, Carroll, New Haven, Norwell, Homestead, Dekalb, East Noble) a couple of years ago. I would take the top three from there over most top threes from any other.
  9. 106-Demien, Streeter, Herring, and the Norwell 106 (he can prolly win) 113-Davis, Wright, Mejia, Stephenson (Hunter Whitman might be able to Wright if they are in the same brackert) 120- Glogouski, Hunt, Langeloh, Moore 126- Mejia, Franklin, Becker, Davis (pretty weak) 132- Doster, Rhodes, Gunsett, Maggard (If he doesn't draw Rhodes) 138- Coy, Kern, Householder, Hall 145- Laughlin, Eicher, Smith, Scott 152-McCormick, Levitz, Sturgill, Weimer 160- Busse, Garman, Rader, Harrison 170-Grey, Baumgartner, Richie, Davis (Sucks for whoever gets stuck with Baumgartner) 182- Eli, Elliot, Barbu
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