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Everything posted by gsmith58

  1. gsmith58

    Southport vs. Whiteland

  2. I am going to take a wild stab and guess that Neutzman and Bengtson are nowhere near 106 these days, but I have seen stranger things.
  3. Now where have I seen this before? 🤔
  4. Reed Egli? I hadn't seen his name for awhile.
  5. How did the Seng (making an assumption) & Zirkelbach match come out?
  6. Franklin Community
  7. If Seng is the MD 106, it will be a close match, but Zirkelbach has beaten him (Freestyle at least) in the past year.
  8. Amen. With the "Details" please. Scores are better than nothing, but the individual matches make it interesting.
  9. gsmith58

    John Hurrle Memorial Invitation

  10. Probably the weight class just above and the weight class just below your son...just say'n.
  11. 01/10/2020 06:00 PM
  12. gsmith58


    12/12/2019 06:00 PM
  13. Nice job. Thank you for doing this. How you find the time is beyond me. One thing though, Haines has as much chance of making 113 as Ison does of 106. I'm taking odds now
  14. Not saying he would have, but one could make a credible argument that he was a potential four timer (yes, I know Asa stood in his way). I know it's not any consolation, but folks know just how good he is.
  15. There are also archived Yearbooks that go way back. They list results down to the sectional level, but I don't recall whether they have the full brackets at any level.
  16. I agree with the majority of your post. But, I do, however, know from simple observation, anecdotal as it may be, kids and parents do get humiliated and upset. We've all seen blow-ups at youth tourneys; getting tossed around by another human being is a pretty personal thing. And, not every parent grew up as a wrestler or even an athlete; nor do they all have the "fight through it" mental model. Having that life experience is good thing, and I am absolutely on point with you, but the gist here was about about retention and keeping them around so they learn that focus. I certainly know every kid has to go through it, all I am saying is when it happens they need more attention and awareness than the better or more experienced kids. And it doesn't always happen. And, retention in any context is built one person at a time. As an example, we both watch and admire coach Red and his remarkable energy. That guy makes it a point to get around to every kid in that room every single day (and nearly every drill or go). Every one of them gets a personal conversation and a little of his "love." He's a great example of what I mean.
  17. To the retention point it would seem to me 2 to 5 youth athletes a year could be doable. I can think of a couple things that might help. I've noticed in multiple setting (clubs, camps, rooms, academies, tourneys, duals) that the lesser kids don't get the attention that the more experienced and gifted kids get. Hardly insightful, but I think its important if were talking about a handful of kids. I am not saying they are being ignored and getting no attention. What I am saying is they and their parents need 'way more' encouragement and 'way more' attention than the better more experienced kids. I know that is not natural in any sport, but I can't think of many sports that can be more difficult and "humiliating" for beginners and their parents. I can't tell you how many times I have had to talk first and second year (and sometime later) parents off the cliff during a tourney because some up and coming academy wizard took down, cut, took down, cut, etc, etc. their 11 year old beginner son. Its darn hard for everyone those first couple of years. That in itself does not encourage retention.
  18. My mistake. I missed the details. My next question is do they have that rate by state over time (don't tell me it's in the doc)? That would be informative. It appears that to me that we are at or near the top third and even within that group, for the most part, we are within a point or two. There are only 3 or 4 60+ states (more northerly, less hoops driven?) and within that upper third for the most part we're clustered within a 2 to 4% range. I suppose that would be on average a retention of 2 to 4 more youth athletes/year or are you thinking something more dramatic? How much do you believe that rate could be realistically pushed?
  19. I always enjoyed weeknight match ups. The more efficient the matches-up the better. The Ohio Tourney of Champions does it right (I know it's not completely applicable to local youth tourneys, but...); it's one period of a hybrid folkstyle/freestyle and they tell you when to show for your mat. The mat is only one or two weight classes/age groups, and you're on deck about every 15-20 minutes. It flyes. Having only one period helps. I might be showing my age, but the the more statistics & publicity posted about the athletes the better; (even at the youth and middle school level); online, in the rooms, in local papers, in the school publications, etc. Look how folks love the magazine and rankings on this site. How do you get more High School matches like Brownsburg and Avon? My son and I both love going because the atmosphere is similar to a high school basketball rivalry. Perry is similar. It's a lot of fun and it's something young kids enjoy particular when they know the wrestlers.
  20. Do we have in state comparison data?
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