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  1. I was told that this sectional will alternate between griffith and hobart every year. Hopefully everything goes smooth. Will definitely be an intimate setting. I know there is only one half-hour brake planned. Lets hope for the best.
  2. C'mon. Don't forget the 3rd place heavyweight match
  3. Have to admit, the refs had the fans a little raucous to say it nicely. Mostly with back points and very inconsistent out of bounds stuff. I was a little miffed about the slow-motion fall position and reluctant pin calling. There wound-up being a few episodes that shoulve never happened because the match actually shoulve been over but the slow-motion reaction seemed like it was giving wrestlers time to get into a safer position so they could continue into a match that was really lights out! Maybe just me but happened several times to our guy alone and I saw it all over the place. Made me reall
  4. 7 semi state champs and 13 finalists from Calumet Regional. Pretty solid.
  5. Calumet!! Last hurrah for taking the sectional and regional away! Gary West Side! Not far from EC and place seats 7200!
  6. This topic gave me a little different "what if".. Add Carlos Champagne. State runner-up Marian Catholic 2a Illinois. Griffith resident. In addition, His brother Jose,(minnesota) Illinois state champ . What if..... And if Jake tuckers father decided to stay in his hometown .. of Griffith. And..if tylor trianas parents would've stayed in their hometown... of Griffith. And..Brenden Blacks mother would've remained ..in Griffith. And Colton Cummings parents would've decided to Raise their boys in their hometown... of Griffith. Add some names from the past and Ja
  7. Griffith has been told that they will host even years and Hobart has odd years sectional s. I haven't heard about regional but I'll bet Merrillville is in the mix. There are factors I'm sure. But, traditionally the Calumet sectional has had to deal with team lineup issues and ridiculous scratch changes , in which coach wadkins has ALWAYS handled admirably with the "no wrestler left behind approach. There was a couple things that happened Friday night and Saturday morning that was handled without a second thought. The calumet crew has the experience in which is unmatched. I don't care what any
  8. Not sure why the shake-up but it seems this will be the last foreseeable sectional and regional at Calumet. Supposedly the ihssa has not given explanation other than its moving out .
  9. The most excitement at Bankers Life I've ever witnessed. (Garcia's pin warmed things up). Also the largest crowd I've ever seen there. I've known both wrestlers and their dad's since we all started. Both parties have never been anything but respectful towards me, my son and family. Always encouraged us and willing to discuss technique, training or competition and willing to train or practice together. The level continues to raised by outstanding individuals we see every year, especially these two.
  10. Spoken like a "hilljack" (you said it) who moved to the city and doesn't (or ever has) lived in the Region. Thanks for filling me in!
  11. Few other identifiable things about the Calumet Region. If a party features bratwurst, pierogies, tamales, mostaccioli, ribs, greens, and a pinata. If you know what the outer drive is If you spend half the summer at the beach If you can name all of the high schools that used to be in Gary If you know where Michael Jackson's boyhood home is If you understand the magnitude of pierogi fest If you can drive from Bishop Noll, to Hammond High, to TF North, to Washington, and back to Noll without GPS If you know why Ridge Road is called so If you listened to wjob am radio this morning h
  12. Ok. Spot a region guy: 10- Kid wrestled in more IKWF events than ISWA 9- Chooses to wear black leather coat (not bibs) 8- 3rd or 4th generation Latino American 7- wife could coach intricately from the 4 th row with out saying "get em" or "that's what I'm talking about" 6-Can order anything on a Mexican menu in Spanish 5-Has a full set of teeth (sometimes braces too) well into his 40s 4- Works in an industry where people sometimes lose their life 3-Can make a "run for the border" at halftime on Sunday and see the 3rd quarter start 2-May be driving the wrong way on a one way in downt
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