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  1. HeadLockChamp9

    Teams that advanced the most wrestlers to Semi-State

    Did they get anyone through?
  2. HeadLockChamp9

    Evansville Semi- State

    Is 120 the toughest here?
  3. Mendez is a lock. Next 4x champ.
  4. HeadLockChamp9

    Upsets and Significant matches November 17

    Disregard. Read a previous post wrong. Looks like this is happening tomorrow.
  5. HeadLockChamp9

    Upsets and Significant matches November 17

    What was the outcome of Boe and Garcia?
  6. HeadLockChamp9

    Mason Parris and Company @ MSU Open

    A. Bethel of Wabash (formerly Mt. Vernon) records a fall against 15th ranked Justin Thomas from Oklahoma in the first round. He then went on to lose back to back 1 point matches.
  7. HeadLockChamp9

    Brayton Lee Article...

    You're remembering the match correctly.
  8. HeadLockChamp9

    Holiday Tournaments

    So the 3rd place team finish last year with only 2 returning champions (if my memory holds) isn't good enough competition to come back too?
  9. HeadLockChamp9

    Holiday Tournaments

    Why did Avon drop from the MD Holiday Classic?

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