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  1. Obviously they won’t meet in HS but in the near future we will be seeing Parris vs. Stevson. Do you take Gable or Mason?
  2. Tacos were delicious! really enjoyed the four mats through semis Would of been nice for a spotlight crossover. My only two downfalls were that the bathrooms were disgusting and the audio system was atrocious Really loved the room. Very spacious, enough room for everyone to spread out. Awesome idea having short buses for shuttles for the elderly to and from their cars. All in all. I'd pick EC over old venue. Moving forward into the future I'm sure they fix all the kinks
  3. Alec White and Colton Cummings Friday night.... wow! That'll be a battle between two studs
  4. Broadcast is great, the mic Logan Regional with 3 going to State at 106 -- nice wins Hickman and awesome headlock by winamac Reagan from Frontier came out of no where! Congrats fellas
  5. Anyone else understand the announcing? Literally can't hear a thing. Thank you track wrestling!
  6. Billy Baker from Bellmont! Stellar wrestling and football career
  7. Is Shawn Strek still playing football at Purdue? Watching wrestling on the patio for homecoming and I'm pretty sure seen him out there rolling around. It's possible he could be doing both, just asking!
  8. Gable is impressive. World title under his belt. Coulda woulda shoulda Imagine a wrestling room with a Bobby at 195 -- Gable at 220 and Streck at HWT MERRIVILLE very well coulda had 4 state champions last year and 3 this year
  9. Never satisfied! Hard working kid. Can't wait to see him in black and gold! BOILER UP!!!
  10. Too many ppl drinking hateraid Congrats to red!!
  11. Clearly had near fall. Impose your will!! Never stop wrestling!!! Double hooks! Nothing left!! Great match
  12. I know I'm bringing extra money for smoothies all day! But I'm reluctant to leave.. I'll be walking down the steps and getting right back in line. This is the most I've looked forward to Saturday in a long time! Breadsticks might have to wait until after the finals!
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