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  1. Count_the_lights_219

    WHO You got?

    Obviously they won’t meet in HS but in the near future we will be seeing Parris vs. Stevson. Do you take Gable or Mason?
  2. Count_the_lights_219

    Hawkeye: Iowa's Men of the Mat

    Just finished watching this, Awesome! Miss The Mat
  3. Count_the_lights_219

    Merrillville Semi-State Rankings FINAL

    He's always had faith in you.. Just when you wrestled NW he rooted for Colin. You have a great shot at state again, one match at s time my man. You got this, get the MWC some respect.
  4. Count_the_lights_219

    Merrillville Semi-State Rankings FINAL

    I don't think you'll be getting a snow cone devil dog.. I dont see him making it out of round1
  5. Count_the_lights_219


    This was the third meeting, NW beat them in the Caston 10-way, Twin lakes Holiday Tournament, and now in the season ending dual.
  6. Count_the_lights_219

    MWC seedings

    My #1 seed predictions a few number 2's as well 103- SN Kid 112- caston, nelson? 119-johnson pioneer 125-rehn WC 130- Hartley W 135-Holloway C 140- wagoner P 2- Bannon NW 145- Dorris P #2- Redweik C #3- Hileman NW 152-Waley SN 160- Hileman NW 171- Winaman Kid #2- McBurnett NW 189- Masters- WC #2- Rodgers NW 215- tanner WC #2- Whitlock P HWT- Dix W Wrestler of the year, Hileman or Wagoner? Coach of the Year- Holeman NW Conference champs- NW or WC it's a toss up
  7. Count_the_lights_219


    Benton Central is pretty strong, too bad to see them go down on senior night, but good competition before the state tournament and possibly seeing those wrestlers at regional 2 1/2 weeks away isn't a bad thing. Who got wins for the panthers?
  8. Count_the_lights_219

    MWC Coach of the Year

    I'm pretty sure Indianamat was made for wrestling fans to read blogs and post new threads to whatever their liking may be. It doesn't say that every thread must be about Penn or crown point or whoever. I believe anyone has the option to make a post about whatever topic they want there is no limit. Weather it's a big conference or a smaller conference, at the end of the day wrestling is still wrestling and it's a sport we all love. I've sacrificed blood sweat and tears in the MWC, I will remain loyal forever nonetheless. It may he on a different level than that wrestling of up north, but it's still wrestling. We don't have the numbers so of course were not going to have the same number of SSQ OR SQ. it's just how it goes, but the ones we do get, you can't take that away from the kids who have worked hard, went to camps and tried their personal best to make it there. That's not fair. I'm pretty sure Dorris and Hileman have a great shot at making it to conseco, possibly even wagoner as well. All three kids coming from 1a schools with tiny wrestling rooms with little support but they do it because they love it and get out of what they put in. Do NOT take that away from them. On another note, my vote for coach of the year goes to Jerry Holeman. He deserves it. That is all I have to say about that.
  9. Count_the_lights_219

    MWC Wrestler of the Year

    Sounds like it's going to be a close one! Every guy seems to have the same chance!
  10. Count_the_lights_219

    MWC Wrestler of the Year

    That's a pretty impressive stat sheet
  11. Count_the_lights_219

    MWC Wrestler of the Year

    I would say it's up for grabs between Hileman & Dorris.. Holiday is a outstanding wrestler but it's def between those two. Hileman has had a great year & so has Dorris. If it goes by record then Hileman would receive it. I heard Dorris had a bad weekend at the Jeff invite, but wins a win and a loss is a loss. I wish they were the same weight, I remember back in middle school try wrestled a few times, Hileman winning all of them as he went a school record 35-0 all the way through middle school. I think whoever wins conference will get the award, weather it be NW or P. If I had to guess I'd say Hileman, his record is outstanding, & just offers so much for the team. Great kid, an amazing leader. Should be close, good luck to both wrestlers.
  12. Count_the_lights_219

    Doing Questionable Things to Win a Match

    You might find this interesting, a talented wrestler in California was prosecuted for it. Season over, ridiculous. http://www.sportsfilter.com/news/15871/wrestler-charged-sex-crime
  13. Count_the_lights_219

    MWC Wrestler of the Year

    Who gets your vote?
  14. Count_the_lights_219

    Crawfordsville Invite 1/8

    There will be some good teams there this weekend none the less, good luck to all wrestlers. Good day of wrestling is in store!
  15. Count_the_lights_219

    Caston 10 Team

    So really was 5-1, thats impressive. Thought it was closer than that, hats off to wagoner.

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