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  1. I agree. He wasn’t hurt at all. Blew kisses to the MD crowd and laughed as he skipped off the mat. Biggest chicken ***potty mouth*** move I’ve ever seen by a wrestler and coach.
  2. That’s exactly right. Chris had the flu all weekend and had nothing left. Chris got his head ended the match with a pin.
  3. You have no clue what you’re saying. My son’s freshman year of HS, we had 5 JV kids that finished in the top 3 of ISWA folk style state beating 9 state placers in the process. Your logic is making the case for a classed tournament.
  4. Most exciting match I’ve ever seen!!
  5. You are correct, it wouldn’t be close. Dickens smokes him either way!!
  6. Cael confirmed it is at Penn State next year (2021). It will be great to see both Nick and Joe compete in the Big Tens at home.
  7. Sitting withPenn State. They say the arena is small, only about 6000 seats. Unlike all the other schools (who gave each school a whole section) Rutgers gave themselves the whole lower bowl and all the other schools are in the upper deck. Total BS
  8. I’m going. Looking forward to it.
  9. Goebel and Helfrich!! Best coaching combo in Indiana history!
  10. There’s absolutely no chance that those two will be in the finals together.
  11. Wow! Thanks for the info. We hadn’t heard anything about what happened down south.
  12. What happened to Walker? Did he get injured yesterday or was injured prior to yesterday? What is his injury?
  13. Watch and listen! It’s clear! Or should I speak slower so you can keep up?
  14. He went on the whistle, his disqualification is BS!
  15. Their next 2 matches won’t be as close as tonight. It took a few minutes for Nick to figure him out and then he dominated. Nick will dominate from start to finish at Big 10’s and NCAA’s.
  16. I’ll bet as much as you want? New Castle has less than a 1% chance to win 160
  17. Purdy of Castle just got dominated by Deffendoll from Vincennes in the semi-final. 9-2
  18. Ask Castle Superfan, Backtothemat. Sollars locked up a cradle and put Deters on his back for 3 seconds before he got out of it and no points were awarded. Either you’re blind too or don’t know ***potty mouth*** about wrestling if you didn’t see it or understand it. Everyone else saw it.
  19. Actually, everybody in the gym saw Sollars win the first match except the blind referee. Should be a good one Saturday
  20. I’ll take that bet! As much as you wanna lose. Name your price.
  21. “Hope DeSanto is not done for the year.“ DeSanto was jumping around, with no wrap or brace on his knee, during the 197 and 285 matches. His feelings might be hurt, but he’s just fine.
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