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Everything posted by IU89

  1. Would love to see 80 and 81. Those were my first 2 wrestling state championships
  2. You heard the announcer, everyone is good in the Big Ten. McCartney looked great!
  3. McCartney Parkinson is a HAMMER on top!!! Great win!!
  4. McCartney Parkinson in the line-up for Purdue tonight. Great opportunity for a great kid.
  5. https://www.ihsaatv.org/?B=222202
  6. IU’s Bullock is an embarrassment!
  7. Good move. He wanted no part of Gabe Sollars.
  8. Luigs won the 133 spot in last weeks wrestle-off. So I expect to see him tomorrow.
  9. I second this. Where can we see this match?
  10. Willie has him 6th in the country P4P and 1st at 138
  11. I agree. He wasn’t hurt at all. Blew kisses to the MD crowd and laughed as he skipped off the mat. Biggest chicken ***potty mouth*** move I’ve ever seen by a wrestler and coach.
  12. That’s exactly right. Chris had the flu all weekend and had nothing left. Chris got his head ended the match with a pin.
  13. You have no clue what you’re saying. My son’s freshman year of HS, we had 5 JV kids that finished in the top 3 of ISWA folk style state beating 9 state placers in the process. Your logic is making the case for a classed tournament.
  14. Most exciting match I’ve ever seen!!
  15. You are correct, it wouldn’t be close. Dickens smokes him either way!!
  16. Cael confirmed it is at Penn State next year (2021). It will be great to see both Nick and Joe compete in the Big Tens at home.
  17. Sitting withPenn State. They say the arena is small, only about 6000 seats. Unlike all the other schools (who gave each school a whole section) Rutgers gave themselves the whole lower bowl and all the other schools are in the upper deck. Total BS
  18. I’m going. Looking forward to it.
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