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Everything posted by OldGoatGrappler

  1. OldGoatGrappler

    Finals rankings

    Mike, you are the man! Fantastic job once again.
  2. OldGoatGrappler

    3A Team State Qualification Scores (through state)

    “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”
  3. OldGoatGrappler

    Multi sport vs wrestling only

    285 - Jacob Obst, Cathedral - football, wrestling, and rugby.
  4. OldGoatGrappler

    Adam Coon just beat Kyle Snyder!

    Woohoo! Mason Parris' new drill partner - look out B1G - with Mason and Gable Stevenson coming in, fans won't be leaving before the heavyweight match.
  5. OldGoatGrappler

    State Suite

    Or like the B1G and NCAA do for their wrestling championships - sell blocks to the schools that want them.
  6. OldGoatGrappler


    If your naïveté results in inability to appreciate the fine art of heavyweight wrestling, it's your loss. Some folks can discern and appreciate fine French wines and other drink Boone's Farm.
  7. OldGoatGrappler


    I'd watch a heavyweight match over a 106 ANY day... and when Bankers Life disrespectfully empties out - there is a silver lining, I get a front row seat. It's shameful how heavyweights are treated in our sport. Mainly this is due to sheer naïveté. I could go on and on, but let me just say that heavyweights are the only ones that are discriminated against because of weight (i.e., maximum weight is 285, weigh more than that and you sit - opposed to weigh 50 and you can still wrestle 106 - why is there an upper limit and not a minimum required weight?).
  8. OldGoatGrappler


    Jack Williams
  9. OldGoatGrappler


    Jacob Obst
  10. OldGoatGrappler


    Michael Foster
  11. OldGoatGrappler


    DJ Koors
  12. Who did Williams lose to... Koors or Foster ? What was the result?
  13. OldGoatGrappler

    NFHS Rule Changes

    Will it be referred to as "a shirt designed for officiating wrestling in Indiana"?
  14. OldGoatGrappler

    What is the most embarrassing move to be done to you?

    Ball and chain
  15. OldGoatGrappler

    Congrats to Coach Weimer - named head coach at Noblesville

    Ruh roh... look out HamCo. Congrats coach!
  16. OldGoatGrappler

    Mason Parris 1st Team TOM All-Junior

    I still think of Gable Steveson as an Indiana kid... would absolutely love to see a Paris / Steveson match - might be as good as the Clark / Samuels 3rd place match...
  17. OldGoatGrappler

    Favorite wrestling moment ever!

  18. OldGoatGrappler

    2017' Mr. Gorilla

    Who's Brendan Black again? j/k
  19. OldGoatGrappler

    2017' Mr. Gorilla

    Shouldn't the Mr. Gorilla award be classed? My vote is BB. Monkey off his back = Mr. Gorilla award.
  20. OldGoatGrappler

    Class Wrestling - Potential Benefits

    Success leaves clues. - Napoleon Hill
  21. OldGoatGrappler

    Transgender Texas wrestler wins girls state

    Why is wrestling the only individual sport in Indiana that is not separated by gender? All you pro-class folks should be fighting for this... want to increase numbers - then have a separate class for girls wrestling... we do it in ISWA, we do it in college, we do it for world championships and for the Olympics... We don't have girls playing boys in tennis, we don't have them swimming against each other, we don't even have them golfing against each other; and yet we have them competing in the only individual contact sport against each other...?
  22. OldGoatGrappler

    Class Wrestling - Potential Benefits

    Simply having a larger student population doesn't magically make great wrestlers either. Just ask Carmel and Ben Davis (the two largest schools in our state).
  23. OldGoatGrappler

    Most influential people in the sport today

    Sounds more like a gang... the Culp & Caprino Cartel.
  24. OldGoatGrappler

    Indiana's Most Dominant Big Man, EVER?

    Although he attended high school in NJ, the most dominant BIG MAN in history (with Indiana ties) is Bruce Baumgartner. 2x Olympic and 3x World heavyweight champ.

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