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  1. That samich produced 4 state champs as he gave Rodgers, slivka, and south all bites. I gotta get me one.
  2. Yeah I had my name on waiting list. Just got the call today that they are sold out. Guy said they sell more suites for wrestling than they do for the pacer games.
  3. Looking into a suite at state this year... for those of you who have got one in the past.. what are the cost for the weekend. And the amenities that accompany the suite. Thanks
  4. Good luck to coach Danny Struck of the Jeffersonville Red Devils as he competes in the Ironman in Louisville, Ky today. Brandon Brawner
  5. Indianas best of "all time" breaks the cardinal rule of the sport. Never miss weight.
  6. Great match. Lee on the attach the whole match... Wasn't sure on the near fall but it is what it is. Congrats to me red. Undefeated 4X state champ.. Quite the accomplishment. Never like to hear boos but I think it was towards me reds father... What a classless act. Sad that teenage boys have more sportsmanship and class than you do mr red. Once again congrats to chant and nick. Greatest match I've seen in state finals
  7. Full tilt... That's why they are pick predictions everyone has their own opinion... I bet you fill out a perfect state pick ems bracket every year
  8. Just from looking at the Evansville brackets it seems they are very lopsided... Will be some state placers going home early. Unfortunate but that is how the system is setup.
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