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  1. I have a suite reserved for Friday and Saturday night 10/26/2018, 10/27/2018 at the Best Western Plus Greensboro/Coliseum area. 2006 Veasley St., Greensboro NC 27407. Exactly 1.8 miles from the venue. My plans have changed. The total cost for both nights plus taxes is $220.38. If you are interested, please contact me at 765-610-0985 ASAP.
  2. I saw this call the other night and it didn't make common sense. Wrestler A is on top in referee's position. Wrestler B stands up and A is trying to return him to the mat. While they are both in standing position, wrestler B gets behind A and the momentum takes them out of bounds. Both wrestlers were standing the whole time. The ref calls 2 reversal. Is there a different rule for this? It seems like it would be just an escape
  3. He could wrestle up @ 85 as well. Text me if interested...,,Darrin Montgomery @ 765-610-0985
  4. I would like to say what a great tournament Sunday. The staff and parent/student support was second to none. This was a very well organized tournament especially considering the turnout. But the best thing about it was the fact that the director chose to keep the larger weight classes in one bracket instead of 2 or 3 with full wrestlebacks to 5th place. ( finished by 3:30). Maybe this will become the norm for all regular season tournament. Awesome job Brownsburg!!
  5. Danville doesn't go but yet LN and Center Grove made the trip. From what I saw, Center Grove got it bad. Not sure how these schools were able to make it and Danville wasn't.
  6. Do you have to declare a weight? If so, what happens if you are over? Can you move up?
  7. Charlie Pingleton from Greencastle High School and UofIndy now wrestling for Lindsey Wilson is in the finals at 157 tonight at 7pm. Good Luck Charlie, bring it home!!!
  8. Danville trades a second at 132 from county to a first at sectionals plus more bonus points at 132. 138, 145, and 152 reamain the same and 160 finishes much lower at sectionals than county. So what was the difference?
  9. Obviously you did not watch the same match I watched. Montgomery up 3-2 in the 3rd and shoots (to score I might add) between legs and lifts while Thompson gets hit with scissors around the head to stop the takedown. Score 4-2 and Thompson never took a shot after that or pushed the pace. In our neck of the woods we call that smart wrestling not running, but it all depends on which side of the fence your on I guess. If you need to see the match again, I can send it to you. All the respect to Thompson who is a good wrestler. That was the 4th time they met this season with the same outcome.
  10. Danville forfeited 125 all day. Montgomery was out for medical reasons.
  11. I agree, terrible tournament. Not only started late 6 and 7 man brackets for the larger weight classes. I had 2 kids there, one wrestled 2x's and the other 3x's. We left at 6:20 that's pm. It's a one and done for us!!!!!!!
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