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  1. I would throw Caleb Schmitt up there. Deters and Mayes are a definite. Doug and chad welch wrestled at 152 and 160 btw The problem is that some guys won titles at a couple different weights. I feel like blake maurer would've rolled over some guys no problem, so where do you list him?
  2. Coach harmon, you are correct. I remember losing my match against Matt Powless like I am watching a tape of the match but those losses can be motivation not to "lose" elsewhere in life. And I hope you realize how much you do effect your wrestlers. You've had quite the effect on me and my goals. I'm not sure that I would've gotten into medical this year if wasn't for staying focused and pushing myself like you taught me. William Gaylord
  3. going from never wrestling in high school to going to state is incredible..... but then again being the brother of a four timer has to count of something as well. I'm sure his older brother picking on him over the years has kept the wrestling technique strong
  4. she is that good. Im sure if she was in a classed state, she would have qualified by now. Its not that the semi-state is weak, she obviously worked harder and wanted to win more in those matches. Don't degrade her qualifying by saying her opponents are weaker than "normal" wrestlers and thats why she made it. She got the draw and wrestled better
  5. sounds like a crazy semi-state this year! Lots of great wrestling going around
  6. Do some research before you open your mouth and let stupidity fall out. As for everyone hating on BlueBolt, how many predictions do you make that come out wrong. Have you been around as long as he has to see how many of his predictions were right last year and the tear before that and the year before that? Many of you don't.
  7. I never even spoke to the refs, i just used hand signal (up, down, neutral, or differ) I put my trust in my coach to argue anything that he thought was bogus. No reason use valuable air during the match to speak when you could just shut up and catch your breath
  8. BlueBolt.... Thanks for posting and saying what you do. I believe you do bring a different view than what the westsiders post here all the time and i believe that you do keep it quite fair. Also, thanks to your postings, i can see how Castle is shaping up for the season while i am at school. I appreciate it. Personally i think it is nice that Castle's 9 sectional winning streak is coming to an end. I remember my senior year where we were the team that won 4 years in a row. That was special. But at the same time, its nice to see that other programs in the southern part of the state are building up and producing great wrestlers but also great teams. I think the whole "the SIAC will dominate all" (which it is the best conference in the state IMO ;D ) is going to be challenged by teams in the Big 8 and others. Its all good for wrestling. That being said, i hope all Castle wrestlers win by pin in the first period on saturday.
  9. 106 brown beat Kuhn 6-2
  10. Brown is looking good today and so is Kuhn. Should be a good final Luke Welch is tough. I think ill be seeing him under the lights
  11. So excited. I will be back from IU this weekend and i feel lucky to be able to see some of the best wrestling
  12. IUBjj171


    I didn't see that coming either. Should be interesting
  13. IUBjj171


    warren is ranked at 182 and has been wrestling there all year
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