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  1. justadadnow

    North Central Conference Predictions

    obviously you don't know the NCC rules, Peck didn't bypass any rule, the teams are allowed to change lineup at weighins, there were many subs today for multiple teams. peck knows the rules and how to use them to his advantage.
  2. justadadnow

    Cathedral Six Way 1-15-11

    Mofield defeated Bernard 10-2
  3. justadadnow

    New Palestine Invitational Seeds

    take her down, put in a half, turn and pin her.
  4. justadadnow

    Al Smith invite

    From the looks of the Finals matchups, I'd say they did an awesome job of seeding the wrestlers.
  5. justadadnow

    Coach Peck

    Congratulations to New Castle Coach Peckinpaugh on earning his 800th carreer win, at the Bronco Duals, the most in IN wrestling history.
  6. justadadnow

    Lafayette Broncho Duals

    NC lost to Westfield by 11, FFing 2wght classses sure hurt. Other matches weren't close. NC finished 8-1 for runnerup spot.
  7. justadadnow

    NCC Wrestling

    every year there is confusion about the NCC, there are 2 conferences with those ints., the North Central Conf. tourney is Jan 22 at New Castle. Hope this helps.
  8. justadadnow

    Best season opening dual/tournament....

    AJ, I believe Fischers and Union Co. replaced Yorktown and Roncalli on our schedule
  9. justadadnow

    Indiana Teams at Disney Duals

    Joe, what is the web site for the brackets and results? Thank you.
  10. justadadnow

    Who is the pic to win Team State next season

    My pick last year fell just short, so I'll give them another shot at it............YORKTOWN
  11. Tspray, for Indiana it is $775 for one style at Fargo.
  12. justadadnow

    2010-2011 rule changes

    AJ, you know that a rule wont kept someone from doing something, he'll just get penelizied for doing it!!!!!!!!
  13. justadadnow

    2010-2011 rule changes

    Catron of New Castle uses this alot to return opponents to mat
  14. Are you doing anything with the info?
  15. justadadnow

    Summer camps

    Prime time Camp is one if not the best camps in the country for 6th thru out going 8th graders, centrally located in IN, fan by Yorktown coaching staff.

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