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  1. justadadnow

    Brandon Wright......

    Connor and Brandon worked out together today. NDC is not only eligible for D2 championship, they are the host school this year.
  2. justadadnow

    State Finals Brackets Released

    round 2 @ 152 could have #1 ranked Mullins vs. #3 ranked Richey, alot ot people thought this one would be under the lights.
  3. in the past there has been a thread where the ranked wrestlers tourney progress was charted. it showed how far they advanced and if they lost , who beat them. anyone going to do this, this year?
  4. justadadnow

    Most anticipated potential match-up

    add Bradley to the 152 matches
  5. justadadnow

    NCC Updates?

    Mullins didn't blow it. The coaching staff did, connor was .3 under on the scales provided by them and they did not get the team to weighins on time for the wrestlers to use the check scales. It was the coaches responsibility to get the team there on time, they failed to do so, even after staying in Kokomo the night before.
  6. justadadnow

    conference meets

    North Central Conf. @ Logansport 1/21/12 Anderson Muncie Central Richmond New Castle Kokomo Logansport Marion Huntington North
  7. justadadnow

    Pound for pound best wrestlers?

    4 years ago would have been 8th grade
  8. justadadnow

    Huge WEEKEND BIG Match Score 12/29

    Mullins/Goodnight score was 5-0, TD in 1st, 3NF in 2nd and no scoring in 3rd
  9. justadadnow

    Bronco Holiday Duals

    Mullins 5-0 over Goodnight
  10. justadadnow

    Bronco Holiday Duals

    Mullins over Brown by fall early in 2nd period. Mavros did not make the trip, sick. Mullins will wrestle 160 tomorrow.
  11. justadadnow

    Bronco Holiday Duals

    day #1 could see #1 Mullins vs #5 Brown, #5 brown vs 39 Mavros. day #2 could see #1 Mullins vs #9 Mavros, #1 Mullins vs #6 Goodnight (160)
  12. justadadnow

    Bronco Holiday Duals

    3 of the top 10 ranked 152lbers and 2 ranked 160s, going to be exciting.
  13. justadadnow

    Toughest wrestler in your practice room . .

    how about Jaggers and Mullins?
  14. justadadnow

    What would you rather have??

    rather have the studs in middle of lineup, you can usually run into ffs at the top and bottom of the order, that's where i'd take my chances
  15. justadadnow

    Bellmont wins on 8th criteria????

    New Castle defeated Richmond the same way. 42-42, 7 falls each, had more first pts scored.

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