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    Congratulations Ben and Cael on getting the job done on and off the mat. The EIWA announced its Academic Honors list today. In addition to WP consistently ranking high in academic rigor, WP athletes must also navigate and carry out their military responsibilities in addition to athletic and academic tasks. I realize that I am a proud father of a WP Cadet, but I am continuously amazed at the daily rigors and expectations placed on these student-athletes. Again, congratulations to these young men, and thank you for your sacrifices. #representingindiana Go Army! Press Release from WP Athletics: https://goarmywestpoint.com/news/2019/4/9/wrestling-harvey-mccormick-garner-eiwa-academic-honors.aspx?fbclid=IwAR12uSr4hRLeusy8HzTJzOi7vbD9Jsxkm27DDV0r0kUfL72r8ihW2fK6iqo#.XK1MwKfo-Cs.email
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    Southport RWO Thursdays

    Come get some live in at Southport!!! A program on the rise. Former Purdue Wrestlers Nick Skinner and Sean Schmaltz will be here rolling on the mats with you. We had about 30 kids last week. Plenty of talent in the room for everyone. We wrestle in three separate 20 minute spurts. A lot of like, and situational wrestling. Focusing on Freestyle and Greco right now. Enter door 9 of Southport High School. The wrestling room is at the bottom of the ramp on the left. Come get some work in! Thursdays through Greco State. 6:30 - 8pm
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    Scholastic Duals

    Man @Mattyb got triggggggerrreddd...lol....I always have great ideas and @JMILL tells me to buzz off and save my breath.. TripleB_eginners State is still a doozy....I might do that on my own....
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    Haven’t lifted in two years so I’ve lost all the muscle I had...Girlfriend said I’m looking small (took that to heart) so I’ve been hitting 25 pushups, sit-ups, squats, and jumping jacks every night before bed. But come out and get some solid technique that works at every level.
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    Almost TiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiME! Thursday 6PM - Get some technique from one of Indiana's greatest and then lots of live. Anyone who takes Ayersman down while he's looking gets a free t-shirt. Won't be easy, though. Rumor is he is feeling good and has been getting in shape for this challenge. #PainTrain Snyder
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    Scholastic Duals

    Prior qualification is required to participate in the Freestyle State Finals- Indiana tournaments only! A minimum of 2 Local level Freestyle tournaments in order to compete at the State event. The ISWA has amended it's Freestyle State Qualification Policy for this 2019 season to allow for just one of the two ISWA sanctioned freestyle tournament pre-requisites to be substituted with one of the following national tournaments for CADETS & JUNIORS: · NHSCA High School Nationals · USAW Folkstyle National Championships · FloNationals · NWCA National Scholastic Duals · Heartland USA National Duals (waiver for Cadets only) · The Dream Team Classic · UWW Junior National Championships While the ISWA is still working to provide support member clubs hosting sorely needed Freestyle (and Greco) competitions, we are making this adjustment in an effort to support our more ambitious athletes as they seek out higher levels of competition during this time period where many national competitions are scheduled. (NOTE: there is only a 2-meet pre-req for Freestlyle State, not Greco State.)
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    Do not let this opportunity slip past you. This man has more than enough wrestling knowledge and talent to share. Oh and I can't leave out how great his personality and sense of humor is. Class act! Going to be a great one.
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