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Everything posted by anskinne

  1. anskinne

    Southport Looking for 2 Duels

    We are possibly looking for a few duels. If you are interested shoot me an email at askinner@perryschools.org
  2. anskinne

    Southport Open Live Opportunity

    NO practice tonight. 6-7-2018. Taking team to Columbus East.
  3. Southport will be hosting an open live wrestling room every Thursday over the summer. 5:30 to 7pm. Enter door 9. Wrestling room is at the bottom of the ramp. Middle school and High School welcome. First one will be May 31st. No wrestling on July 5th. Last will be July 26th. Hope to see you there.
  4. anskinne

    RTC's Still Running?

    SOUTHPORT will be running an OPEN live wrestling opportunity on Thursday nights. 5:30 - 7. Enter door 9. Wrestling room is at the bottom of the ramp. Only night we won't roll is July 5th.
  5. anskinne

    Southport Art Teacher

    Southport High School is currently looking for coaches interested in rebuilding the wrestling program. I am currently seeking a coach to head up the elementary program. The high school will have an Art opening soon. It is looking like ceramics and jewelry would be the teacher's primary responsibility. This could change though. Please reach out to me if you are interested. I will know more in the coming weeks. Nick Skinner, Head Wrestling Coach askinner@perryschools.org 765-278-7010
  6. anskinne

    Becoming a licensed IHSAA Referee

    How old does a kid have to be before they can take the test? I have some high school kids that want to do it. Told them I didn't know if there was an age requirement.
  7. Columbus North Folkstyle Open 1/3/2016 Canceled due to lack of participation Refunds are being processed through Trackwrestling.

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