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  1. Thanks for the update, just assumed he’d be out there. He looked healthy against Leigh.
  2. Just curious if anyone knows why he’s not in the bracket? I saw seeds were bumped.
  3. bergwrestler

    Marian Intrasquad at Perry Meridian

    Any results?
  4. bergwrestler

    Indiana Wrestlers in College?

    Class of 22' Division III Kris Rumph (Augsburg) MN Isaiah Mcwilliams (Wabash) IN Dante Colza V (Heidelberg) OH Cade Girgenti (Wabash) IN Jamari Washington (Wabash) IN Malik Hoover (Wabash) IN Sam Hansen (Wabash) IN James Despain (Wabash) IN Joel Arney (Manchester) IN Alex Barr (Wabash) IN

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