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  1. bergwrestler

    Laplace vs Brewer Friday night

    Preach my friend.
  2. #4 Giovanni Diaz, 34-2, Wheeler, 11 vs #17 Kamariyon Nelson, 27-9, Brownsburg, 9 Although Diaz has only suffered losses to #1 Moran and #3 Bettich at 120, I still think Nelson remains a threat. Brownsburg has an elite schedule that has lead to the Freshman suffering a few more losses than some had expected. Something to keep in mind is that Nelson owns a 12-2 MD victory over Diaz in the IHPO finals at 109 lbs back in September. Can he do it again? What are your predictions?
  3. bergwrestler

    Laplace vs Brewer Friday night

    There is no doubt that Brewer is the man to beat, but Jacob Laplace is no cake walk. Laplace is very tough to score on, so a major is very unlikely. I see it being a very competitive, low scoring exchange. IMO the winner of this bout will likely represent the bottom-half bracket under the lights. Good Luck to Carson and Jake! Embrace it!
  4. bergwrestler

    Mendez or Littell

    In my personal opinion, this matchup is a toss up. I think a takedown wins the match. At this stage I'd say both get out from the bottom position leaving it to be settled in the neutral position. I think all could agree Mendez is more technically sound on his feet, however they are both incredibly smooth and Littell brings some horsepower to the party as well. Good luck to both studs this weekend!
  5. bergwrestler


    Hobart Cristian (SO) 120 & Ruben Padilla (FR) 106 Nathan (JR) 126 & Trevor Schammert (FR) 113 There is a lot of young talent for the Hobart staff to play with, not to mention they start Hobart off well making up the first four weights. All four will be competing in their first ECC semi-state, looking to punch their first ticket to the big show.
  6. Thanks for the update, just assumed he’d be out there. He looked healthy against Leigh.
  7. Just curious if anyone knows why he’s not in the bracket? I saw seeds were bumped.
  8. bergwrestler

    Marian Intrasquad at Perry Meridian

    Any results?
  9. bergwrestler

    Indiana Wrestlers in College?

    Class of 22' Division III Kris Rumph (Augsburg) MN Isaiah Mcwilliams (Wabash) IN Dante Colza V (Heidelberg) OH Cade Girgenti (Wabash) IN Jamari Washington (Wabash) IN Malik Hoover (Wabash) IN Sam Hansen (Wabash) IN James Despain (Wabash) IN Joel Arney (Manchester) IN Alex Barr (Wabash) IN

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