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  1. 141 1 Yianni Diakomihalis 2x All American 1st, 1st 2 years remaining 2 Joey Mckenna 4x All American 2nd, 3rd, 3rd Graduating 3 Jaydin Eierman 3x All American 3rd, 4th, 5th 1 years remaining 4 Dom Demas 1x All American 4th 3 years remaining 5 Nick Lee 2x All American 5th, 5th 2 years remaining 6 Mitch Mckee 1x All American 6th 1 years remaining 7 Kyle Shoop 1x All American 7th 1 years remaining
  2. 133 1 Nick Suriano 2x All American 1st, 2nd 1 years remaining 2 Daton Fix 1x All American 2nd 3 years remaining 3 Stevan Micic 3x All American 2nd, 3rd, 4th 1 years remaining 4 Luke Pletcher 2x All American 4th, 4th 1 years remaining 5 Austin Desanto 1x All American 5th 2 years remaining 6 John Erneste 1x All American 6th Graduating 7 Ethan Lizak 2x All American 2nd, 7th Graduating 8 Bravo-
  3. Boe knows how to put on a show. Nothing short of a gamer, love watching him compete.
  4. Top 3 Match-Ups 65kg Jordan Oliver vs Yianni Diakomihalis Two Amazing Scramblers That Always Find Ways To Score Yianni is a 2x Cadet World Champion in Freestyle Oliver beat an Olympic Champion in Togrul Asgarov at BTS 79kg Kyle Dake vs Mekhi Lewis World Champion vs Junior World Champion Dake Bombs and his Impenetrable Defense Lewis’s speed and ability to score on high level opponents 86kg David Taylor vs Zahid Valencia World Champ with unrelenting offense
  5. US Team vs National Champions Weight US/# of NCAA Titles College/# of NCAA Titles 57kg Thomas Gilman (0) Spencer Lee (2) 2 YEARS LEFT 61kg Joe Colon (0) Nick Suriano (1) 1 YEAR LEFT 65kg Jordan Oliver (3) Yianni Diakomihalis (2) 2 YEARS LEFT 70kg James Green (0) Anthony Ashnault (1) 74kg Jordan Burroughs (2) Jason Nolf (3) 79kg Kyle Dake (4) Mekhi Lewis (1) 3 YEARS LEFT 86k
  6. I am not 100 percent sure, however I believe that the selected format was freestyle. In all honesty I am intrigued either way.
  7. Do not let this opportunity slip past you. This man has more than enough wrestling knowledge and talent to share. Oh and I can't leave out how great his personality and sense of humor is. Class act! Going to be a great one.
  8. This weight could be very interesting if these returning top placers stay at 106 with possible additions like Sergio Lemley, Cole Solomey, Sam Goin, Logan Frazier, and Cheaney Schoeff. I think Goin is a kid that will be right up there with Cottey and Cernus fighting for a title.
  9. I like the Bates pick a ton. Of course we can't forget about Donahue and Laplace. Bates is as tough and humble as they come. Warren would have to be my two. Cottey and Hall at the 3-4 and I am not sure If I would have Ellis up there just yet.
  10. I personally don't see it happening next season, who do you have breaking the trend?
  11. @Bigyusm and Jose Diaz also both run a great team on the rise in the Indiana Flash. I know they have a few trips plan and take a few studs in each weight class.
  12. Indiana Outlaws are great, reach out to Bryan Bailey. He is a great guy with fair prices, and I can't forget to mention his teams are stacked more often than not.
  13. I appreciate the information! How long did it take for ya to break that down?
  14. Curious to see who will represent Indiana at 106lbs. Not a single senior qualified for any of the four semi-state brackets.
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