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Notable wins and upsets for 12/27-12/30

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Fair enough. But, how boring would this site be if we all just got on here and had to listen to “The County” vomit on us all their accolades, feeder programs, etc. Somebody’s got to keep those boys in

I am a fan of rankings because I believe it can get your community talking about your team and ultimately grow the sport.  This being said you will hear no complaint from Brownsburg regarding our rank

We did not purposely keep anyone out of Mooresville. It’s an awesome tournament. I wish all my starters could have wrestled this year and last year, but we have been banged up and sick.  I wouldn’t en

On ‎12‎/‎30‎/‎2017 at 12:32 PM, IndianaWrestlingGuy said:

I’m positive Coach Snyder and the Bulldogs could care less what I think anyway. 

You finally said something of print worthy news.  Congrats

now #TeamGarcia feel free to banish this guy to the POM

#TheCounty   #PainTrain

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I think Brownsburg is the best team this year.  With that being said, if you lose a tournament you should drop in the rankings, regardless if there were kids missing.  You go with what you have available and if you lose, you lose.  No shame in not being ranked #1, as Brownsburg will likely be at or near the top when it matters.

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