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  1. Brian518


    Oshea Phillips
  2. Brian518


    Gabe Phillips
  3. Thought they were wrestling this conference meet tonight but nothing on trackwrestling yet. Any body know what might be going on with it?
  4. Gabe Phillips Centerville over Tanner Schoeff Central Noble 5-4
  5. Did Rooks bump up to challenge Warren at 145 or is Warren down to 138?
  6. Maybe he is just concerned about his son and wants some opinions from the wrestling community. No harm in asking questions.
  7. Congratulations to you guys! Great day of wrestling!!!!
  8. @ 126 Gabe Phillips Centerville over Trevor Ragle New Castle 16-8 at Richmond Invite.
  9. I didn't think Shenandoah was in a conference?
  10. http://www.ihsaa.net/ADFilters/Connersville/FileUploads/Final%20Team%20Scores.pdf http://www.ihsaa.net/ADFilters/Connersville/FileUploads/Final%20Brackets.pdf
  11. Spartan Classic@126 / Freshman Gabe Phillips Centerville over Kyle Holman Carmel 8-0 MD
  12. Do coaches have to pay the spectator fee? I do have a USA Wrestling Coaches Card.
  13. Elijah Phillips Centerville 126 teched Hagerstown's Purtha in the Semifinals of the TEC. He also pinned Purtha at the Wayne County tourney earlier in the year. Don't get me wrong Purtha is a dangerous wrestler and Elijah will have to continue to wrestle well to beat him again but I believe Elijah Phillips is the man at 126 at Tri Sectional but you never really know what's going to happen. They have to bring it that day! Good luck to all, should be a fun Sectional.
  14. I say 1-12. A.J. Black from Shenandoah is very solid!
  15. Sorry to hear that. Is he ok.
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